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MERN Stack

MongoDB, Expressjs, React/Redux, Nodejs

MERN is a fullstack implementation in MongoDB, Expressjs, React/Redux, Nodejs.

MERN stack is the idea of using Javascript/Node for fullstack web development.

clone or download

$ git clone
$ npm i

project structure

   .env (to create .env, check [prepare your secret session])

Usage (run fullstack app on your machine)


notice, you need client and server runs concurrently in different terminal session, in order to make them talk to each other

Client-side usage(PORT: 3000)

$ cd client   // go to client folder
$ npm i       // npm install packages
$ npm run dev // run it locally

// deployment for client app
$ npm run build // this will compile the react code using webpack and generate a folder called docs in the root level
$ npm run start // this will run the files in docs, this behavior is exactly the same how gh-pages will run your static site

Server-side usage(PORT: 8000)

Prepare your secret

run the script at the first level:

(You need to add a JWT_SECRET in .env to connect to MongoDB)

// in the root level
$ echo "JWT_SECRET=YOUR_JWT_SECRET" >> ./server/src/.env


$ cd server   // go to server folder
$ npm i       // npm install packages
$ npm run dev // run it locally
$ npm run build // this will build the server code to es5 js codes and generate a dist file

Deploy Server to Heroku

$ npm i -g heroku
$ heroku login
$ heroku create
$ npm run heroku:add <your-super-amazing-heroku-app>
// remember to run this command in the root level, not the server level, so if you follow the documentation along, you may need to do `cd ..`
$ pwd
$ npm run deploy:heroku

After creating heroku

remember to update the file of client/

 'API_URI': JSON.stringify('')


Client-side Server-side
axios: ^0.15.3 bcrypt-nodejs: ^0.0.3
babel-preset-stage-1: ^6.1.18 body-parser: ^1.15.2
lodash: ^3.10.1 cors: ^2.8.1
react: ^16.2.0 dotenv: ^2.0.0
react-dom: ^16.2.0 express: ^4.14.0
react-redux: ^4.0.0 jwt-simple: ^0.5.1
react-router-dom: ^4.2.2 mongoose: ^4.7.4
redux: ^3.7.2 morgan: ^1.7.0
redux-thunk: ^2.1.0

Screenshots of this project

User visit public and Home page User visit public and Home page

User can sign in or sign up User can sign in or sign up

After signing in user can go to account route and make request to token-protected API endpoint After signing in user can go to account route


JavaScript Style Guide

BUGs or comments

Create new Issues (preferred)

Email Me: [email protected] (welcome, say hi)



I recently launch my monthly mentorship program, feel free to reach out and see what we can grow together:




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