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This bot will show who invited who. It's recording and showing the total count of invitations of an user, how many of them left, etc. Do you need an invitation competition? Just for you!

Alternative Install:


  • [x] Bonus Command
  • [x] Top Command
  • [x] Me Command
  • [x] Options Command
  • [x] Reward Command
  • [ ] Reset Data Command


Open PowerShell or CMD

Copy directory location

Write the command cd copied/location.

Type npm to install the modules. Discord if you have trouble just type npm i discord.js

To run the boat node . or node index.js write.

After the installation, go into the Settings folder and then open the Settings.json file.

{ "Token": "", "Prefix": "!", "Private_Server": true }



  • !options channel <channelId>
  • !options welcomeMessage -member- join the server! Inviter by -target-
  • !options leaveMessage -member- left the server! Inviter by <@-target->
  • !options defaultMessage -member- join the server but from where?

welcomeMessage Variables:

  • -member-: gives you the member\n
  • -target-: gives you the inviter\n
  • -total-: the inviter all invitations of the invite\n
  • -regular-: gives the inviter real invitations\n
  • -fakecount- gives the inviter fake invites\n
  • -fake- indicates if the member is fake\n

leaveMessage Variables:

  • -member-: gives you the member
  • -target-: gives you the inviter
  • -total-: the inviter all invitations of the invite
  • -regular-: gives the inviter real invitations
  • -fakecount- gives the inviter fake invites
  • -fake- indicates if the member is fake

defaultMessage Variables:

  • -member-: gives you the member

📚 Contact

You want to help us develop this project? Then give us an idea!

Discord: Alosha#3779

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