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Tangram - iOS

Tangram is a UI Framework for building a fast and dynamic ScrollView.

The system requirement for Tangram is iOS 7.0+

Tips: If you get [!] Unable to find a specification for `LazyScroll` when executed pod install, you can try to update ruby to 2.3.0 or higher and update CocoaPods to 1.0.0 or higher . If it doesn't work , you can try to reset or update CocoaPods master repo again .


  • Two platform support (iOS & Android, See Tangram-Android in Github for Android Version)
  • Fast Generate View by JSON Data , provide default parser.
  • Easily control the reuseability of views
  • Provide multiple built-in layouts
  • Custom layout style (by JSON Data or code)
  • High scroll performance (Base on LazyScrollView)
  • Extendable API


Compare to system standard controls(like UICollectionView, GridView), the advantages of Tangram are :

Easily control 'layout' selected for elements(cells).

In the picture above, it shows several kinds of layout, Tangram can easily control
which kind of layout these elements use. You can find its usage in TangramDemo.

Provide default parser , quick parse JSON to View

JSON to View can be very easy by use our default parser.

You can open TangramDemo to see how to tranfer JSON to view.

The default parsers are same in two platform (Android and iOS).

Provide several kinds of layout

We provide internal layouts, including:

  • FlowLayout (like grid)
  • One drag N Layout (N=2/3/4)
  • Fix Layout
  • Sticky Layout
  • Dragable Layout
  • PageScroll Layout
  • WaterFlow Layout

To See detailed performance of interal layouts , Click me


Use Cocoapods to Get latest version of Tangram

pod 'Tangram'

Getting Started

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