Ranger plugin that adds file glyphs / icon support to Ranger
Alternatives To Ranger_devicons
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Ranger plugin that adds file glyphs / icon support to Ranger
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Alternatives To Ranger_devicons
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File icons for the Ranger file manager

This plugin introduces a new linemode that prefixes file names with a file icon



This plugin uses glyphs from a patched NERDfont. So in order for this plugin to work you need to install a NERDfont and set it as the default font for your terminal.

I personally use the Source Code Pro patched NERDfont(this is also the font displayed in the screenshot), this and other NERDfonts and the install instructions for these fonts can be found in the following repository: ryanoasis/nerd-fonts

Install instructions

Ranger has added support for loading directories in the plugins folder which makes it easier to install and keep plugins updated. To install, just clone the repo into the plugins folder:

git clone https://github.com/alexanderjeurissen/ranger_devicons ~/.config/ranger/plugins/ranger_devicons

Then execute the following echo "default_linemode devicons" >> $HOME/.config/ranger/rc.conf (or wherever your rc.conf is located).


This plugin can be configured by setting environment variables (e.g. in your ~/.profile). Currently, only one option is available:

  • RANGER_DEVICONS_SEPARATOR (default " ", i.e. a single space): The separator between icon and filename. Some terminals use the adjacent space to display a bigger icon, in which case this can be set to two spaces instead.
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