A frontend monitoring board for Zabbix server.
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Zabbix Docker1,877
2 days ago1gpl-2.0Shell
Official Zabbix Dockerfiles
Zabbix Threat Control187
3 months ago27gpl-3.0Python
Zabbix vulnerability assessment plugin
Ansible Zabbix Server159
3 years ago5mitPython
Installing and maintaining zabbix-server for RedHat/Debian/Ubuntu.
Quick Installation Zabbix137
6 months ago1Shell
一键安装 zabbix 3.0.22 zabbix install
6 years ago43apache-2.0Ruby
Zabbix chef cookbook
3 years ago6mitHTML
A frontend monitoring board for Zabbix server.
Zabbix Sender621166 years ago5October 17, 20174apache-2.0Java
java zabbix-sender
Zabbix Wechat54
4 years ago1apache-2.0Python
An auto-notification alarm system
Nginx Zabbix Template53
4 years agoPython
nginx monitor for zabbix and include template
Docker Zabbix48
6 years ago9gpl-3.0Python
Add and monitor running docker containers in Zabbix Server
Alternatives To Zabbixweb
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This software is no longer maintained by me. As far as I'm aware there's no fork where development is being continued actively. Sorry!


A frontend monitoring board for Zabbix server.

This is a GUI dashboard for Zabbix hosts. It will list the hostname, OS, Load CPU cores, number of processes, memory usage, ping, traffic on the default interface, and disk usage.

Screenshots can be found on the original blog post.


  • Download and extract the files on your Zabbix server, somewhere web-accessible. It is possible to host this dashboard on an external server, but some work is required to do so. This will be outlined in the wiki.

  • Edit index.html and change the line var zabbix = new $.zabbix ('', 'guest', ''); as follows:

    Change to the IP or DNS name of your Zabbix server (but leave the /zabbix/api_jsonrpc.php)

    Change guest and the empty string to the username and password (respectively) of a Zabbix user that the GUI will use to access the data. Ideally this should be a Zabbix user with Read-only access to the Host Groups you want to show. Don't use your own user! We make no effort to hide the password...

  • You may have to add an item for each of these keys to your host Templates:

    system.cpu.num - set as decimal

    system.cpu.load - set as float

    vm.memory.size[total] - set as decimal

    vm.memory.size[free] - set as decimal

    vm.memory.size[cached] - set as decimal

    vm.memory.size[inactive] - set as decimal

  • Open a web browser page to http://yourzabbixserver/zabbixweb-0.1-release/index.html

  • Enjoy!

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