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This is the implementation of our ICRA 2020 paper "360° Stereo Depth Estimation with Learnable Cost Volume" by Ning-Hsu Wang


How to Use

  • Setup a directory for all experiments. All you have to do in advance may look like this,
>> git clone
>> cd 360SD-Net
>> mkdir output
>> cd conda_env
>> conda create --name 360SD-Net python=2.7
>> conda activate 360SD-Net
>> conda install --file requirement.txt

>> cd ./data
# reqest download MP3D Dataset
>> unzip MP3D Dataset
# request download SF3D Dataset
>> unzip SF3D Dataset
  • Setup data and directories (opt to you as long as the data is linked correctly). Set the directory structure for data as follows:
# MP3D Dataset
# SF3D Dataset
  • Training procedure:
# For MP3D Dataset
>> python --datapath data/MP3D/train/ --datapath_val data/MP3D/val/ --batch 8

# For SF3D Dataset
>> python --datapath data/SF3D/train/ --datapath_val data/SF3D/val/ --batch 8 --SF3D
  • Testing prodedure:
# For MP3D Dataset
>> python --datapath data/MP3D/test/ --checkpoint checkpoints/MP3D_checkpoint/checkpoint.tar --outfile output/MP3D

# For SF3D Dataset
>> python --datapath data/SF3D/test/ --checkpoint checkpoints/SF3D_checkpoint/checkpoint.tar --outfile output/SF3D

# For Real World Data
>> python --datapath data/realworld/ --checkpoint checkpoints/Realworld_checkpoint/checkpoint.tar --real --outfile output/realworld

# For small inference
>> python --datapath data/inference/MP3D/ --checkpoint checkpoints/MP3D_checkpoint/checkpoint.tar --outfile output/small_inference
  • Disparity to Depth:
>> python utils/ --path PATH_TO_DISPARITY


  • The training process will cost a lot of GPU memory. Please make sure you have a GPU with 32G or larger memory.
  • For testing, 1080Ti (12G) is enough for a 512 x 1024 image.

Synthetic Results

  • Depth / Error Map
* Projected PCL

Real-World Results

  • Camera Setting
* Real World Results


	title={360SD-Net: 360° Stereo Depth Estimation with Learnable Cost Volume},
	author={Ning-Hsu Wang and Bolivar Solarte and Yi-Hsuan Tsai and Wei-Chen Chiu and Min Sun},
	journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:1911.04460},

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