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Captain is a Helm 3 Controller

About Helm3

The Helm 3 Design Proposal exists for a while and currently it is still under heavy development. Captain comes as the first implementation of Helm v3 Controller based on the Proposal.

This project is based on the core helm v3 code, acting as a library. Since it's not officially released yet (alpha stage for now), some modifications were made to help implement this controller on a fork: alauda/helm (will be deprecated once Helm's library is released).


  • HelmRequest/ChartRepo/Release CRD, namespace based
  • Git/Svn as ChartRepo
  • Local ChartRepo based on ChartMuseum
  • Multi cluster support based on cluster-registry
  • Dependency check for HelmRequest (between HelmRequests)
  • valuesFrom support: support to ConfigMap or Secret value store
  • kubectl apply like resource manipulation: no more resource conflict and CRD management issues

Quick Start

Check the Installation Guide to learn how to install captain

Then, create a HelmRequest resource

kind: HelmRequest
  name: nginx-ingress
  chart: stable/nginx-ingress

After a few seconds, you have an nginx-ingress chart running

[email protected]:~/demo# kubectl get pods
NAME                                             READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
nginx-ingress-controller-57987f445c-9rhv5        1/1     Running   0          16s
nginx-ingress-default-backend-7679dbd5c9-wkkss   1/1     Running   0          16s
[email protected]:~/demo# kubectl get hr
NAME            CHART                  VERSION   NAMESPACE   ALLCLUSTER   PHASE    AGE
nginx-ingress   stable/nginx-ingress             default                  Synced   23s

For the detailed explain and advanced usage, please check the documentation below



  • Golang: also contains the CRD definition

Future Plans

  • Java SDK
  • Auto update of HelmRequest
  • Always update to the latest version of chart

Captain Releated Projects

Related Projects

  • flux: flux have a similar controller based on Helm2

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