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oorja (alpha version)

Project status

This repository contains an alpha version, with minimal components to make things work. It was made while I was in university(2017), I'd do a lot of things differently now, particularly in terms of code organization and overall architecture. Never the less, it was super fun to make back then. I'm still keeping this repo up, up because it feels good to look back at how far you've come.

With the next iteration I'm building a more fine tuned and robust experience, with some new tools - Elixir ❤️ and Typescript. Cheers!

UPDATE 24 Aug 2020: check out the new version! (incremental updates) 🚀

oorja is a quick to use video/voice chat application with realtime collaborative features. Visit to see it in action.

There is a concept of mini-applications called tabs each of which add a unique capability to the room. They are loaded dynamically with a click of a button

Code editor for quick snippets. Synced realtime between all participants

Chat, simple and private. supports some markdown as well

Quillpad, a synced rich text editor

  • All video and voice comms are encrypted. None of the data in your tabs is stored on the server; it gets synced from one participants browser to another 🔮. There are no ads or tracking on this website.

  • oorja is built with React, WebRTC, Meteor and Elixir. It is extensible by design. The tabs are react components which utilize a simple but powerful mini-api (using props and some event listeners) to add more capabilities to the room on demand.

  • This project uses some of the latest technologies in modern web browsers namely WebRTC that enables p2p communication (It may not be supported in your browser eg. safari). Use Chrome or Firefox
  • If you are using chrome you will need to install the screensharing extension to be able to share your screen.


oorja (alpha version) is free for personal non commercial use. Copyright © 2019 Akshay Kumar [email protected]

I'd like to tinker with this project!

In order to do so please go through the following docs in the given order. Also, It's quite easy to make tabs (you only need to know some react, which can itself be picked up in a weekend).

  1. Project Overview
  2. Project Setup
  3. Making a Tab


You can reach me at [email protected] or Twitter

About me

Hi, I'm Akshay Kumar and I am a product engineer. Visit my website to know more

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