The fastest JSON schema Validator. Supports JSON Schema draft-04/06/07/2019-09/2020-12 and JSON Type Definition (RFC8927)
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Zod20,182855a day ago244September 11, 2022169mitTypeScript
TypeScript-first schema validation with static type inference
Yup19,9768,9122,4082 days ago115August 20, 2022165mitTypeScript
Dead simple Object schema validation
Ajv12,308801,6067,985a day ago349March 22, 2022252mitTypeScript
The fastest JSON schema Validator. Supports JSON Schema draft-04/06/07/2019-09/2020-12 and JSON Type Definition (RFC8927)
Formily9,326119a day ago209September 20, 202212mitTypeScript
📱🚀 🧩 Cross Device & High Performance Normal Form/Dynamic(JSON Schema) Form/Form Builder -- Support React/React Native/Vue 2/Vue 3
Marshmallow6,4659,0919695 days ago168June 26, 2022162mitPython
A lightweight library for converting complex objects to and from simple Python datatypes.
Superstruct6,41734829622 days ago75September 22, 202275mitTypeScript
A simple and composable way to validate data in JavaScript (and TypeScript).
Jsonschema4,06915,5302,4242 days ago74July 07, 202229mitPython
An implementation of the JSON Schema specification for Python
Json Schema3,3448,5014893 months ago46April 13, 202296mitPHP
PHP implementation of JSON schema. Fork of the http://jsonschemaphpv.sourceforge.net/ project
Kubeval3,04382016 days ago13April 26, 2021104otherGo
Validate your Kubernetes configuration files, supports multiple Kubernetes versions
Json Schema Spec2,828
15 days ago106otherMakefile
The JSON Schema I-D sources
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Ajv JSON schema validator

The fastest JSON validator for Node.js and browser.

Supports JSON Schema draft-04/06/07/2019-09/2020-12 (draft-04 support requires ajv-draft-04 package) and JSON Type Definition RFC8927.

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More than 100 people contributed to Ajv, and we would love to have you join the development. We welcome implementing new features that will benefit many users and ideas to improve our documentation.

Please review Contributing guidelines and Code components.


All documentation is available on the Ajv website.

Some useful site links:

Please sponsor Ajv development

Since I asked to support Ajv development 40 people and 6 organizations contributed via GitHub and OpenCollective - this support helped receiving the MOSS grant!

Your continuing support is very important - the funds will be used to develop and maintain Ajv once the next major version is released.

Please sponsor Ajv via:

Thank you.

Open Collective sponsors


Ajv generates code to turn JSON Schemas into super-fast validation functions that are efficient for v8 optimization.

Currently Ajv is the fastest and the most standard compliant validator according to these benchmarks:

Performance of different validators by json-schema-benchmark:




To install version 8:

npm install ajv

Getting started

Try it in the Node.js REPL: https://runkit.com/npm/ajv

In JavaScript:

// or ESM/TypeScript import
import Ajv from "ajv"
// Node.js require:
const Ajv = require("ajv")

const ajv = new Ajv() // options can be passed, e.g. {allErrors: true}

const schema = {
  type: "object",
  properties: {
    foo: {type: "integer"},
    bar: {type: "string"},
  required: ["foo"],
  additionalProperties: false,

const data = {
  foo: 1,
  bar: "abc",

const validate = ajv.compile(schema)
const valid = validate(data)
if (!valid) console.log(validate.errors)

Learn how to use Ajv and see more examples in the Guide: getting started

Changes history

See https://github.com/ajv-validator/ajv/releases

Please note: Changes in version 8.0.0

Version 7.0.0

Version 6.0.0.

Code of conduct

Please review and follow the Code of conduct.

Please report any unacceptable behaviour to [email protected] - it will be reviewed by the project team.

Security contact

To report a security vulnerability, please use the Tidelift security contact. Tidelift will coordinate the fix and disclosure. Please do NOT report security vulnerabilities via GitHub issues.

Open-source software support

Ajv is a part of Tidelift subscription - it provides a centralised support to open-source software users, in addition to the support provided by software maintainers.



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