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Office UI Fabric Vue

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Note: Because office-ui-fabric-js no longer support, this project need to rewrite using office-ui-fabric-core. But it's lots of works, I don't have too much time on this project now. So this project will no longer support. If someone wants to works with me on this project to write a new version, please contact me.


Office UI Fabric implementation for Vue.js, build with office-ui-fabric-js


  • vue.js 2.2.0+


  $ yarn add office-ui-fabric-vue
  // or
  $ npm install office-ui-fabric-vue


  import Vue from 'vue'
  import OfficeUIFabricVue from 'office-ui-fabric-vue';

  // import css style
  import 'office-ui-fabric-vue/dist/index.css';



// clone the repo

$ git clone

// install all dependencies

$ yarn install

// runing the doc site

$ yarn run server

// bundle the file

$ yarn run bundle

// runing the test

$ yarn run test


This project just include js components, for the basic styling, include the icons, colors, layout, typography..., you can check the Fabric Core project.

This project already include Jquery and PickaDate, and used for the DatePicker component.

This project still in early stage, so the api of this components may have some break change later. If you find bugs or have feature quest, please add a new issue.

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