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kubectl tree

A kubectl plugin to explore ownership relationships between Kubernetes objects through ownersReferences on them.


Use krew plugin manager to install:

kubectl krew install tree
kubectl tree --help


Example (Deployment):

example Kubernetes deployment object hierarchy

Example (Knative Service):

example Kubernetes object hierarchy with Knative Service

Example (Agones Fleet):

example Kubernetes object hierarchy with Agones Fleet


By default, the plugin will only search "namespaced" objects in the same namespace as the specified object.

You can use the -A or --all-namespaces flag to search namespaced and non-namespaced objects in all namespaces.


Ahmet Alp Balkan @ahmetb.

Special acknowledgement: This tool is heavily inspired by @nimakaviani's knative-inspect as it's a generalized version of it.


Apache 2.0. See LICENSE.

This is not an official Google project.

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