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Inlin for Craft

A tiny plugin for inlining files in Craft templates.

This is the Craft 2.x version of Inlin, for the Craft 3.x version see the craft3 branch.


Use it like this:

<script src="{{'/build/svg/my.svg') | raw }}"></script>

Why? Sometimes it makes sense, performance or workflow wise, to inline resources instead of requesting them.

To include a remote file, pass in true as the second parameter:

{{'', true) | raw }}


Understand that inserting filedata in your templates, especially when passing it through Twig's raw filter, is a potential security risk. And the path is relative to your document root, so the path could point to a file anywhere on your server. Make sure you never, ever let a third party control what is inserted. In case you're thinking "meh", insert this into your template:

{{'/../craft/config/db.php') | raw }}

"With great power, comes great responsibility" -Voltaire


Inlin needs to know the public document root to know where your files are located. By default Inlin will use $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'], but on some server configurations this is not the correct path. You can configure the path by setting the inlinPublicRoot setting in your config file (usually found in /craft/config/general.php)


'inlinPublicRoot' => '/path/to/website/public/',


Version 1.1

  • Added ability to pull remote files

Version 1.0

  • Initial release

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