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Localization, Meetup API & Cloud Translation API sample (using Dialogflow) in Node.js
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Actions on Google: GDG Sample

⚠️ Warning: Conversational Actions will be deprecated on June 13, 2023. For more information, see Conversational Actions Sunset.

This sample demonstrates Actions on Google features for use on Google Assistant including localization (i18n-node), conversation design, rich responses, and API integrations (Cloud Translation API and Meetup API) -- using the Node.js client library and deployed on Cloud Functions for Firebase. Generally, this Action provides information about Google Developer Groups.

The i18n-node library helps provide responses in several languages, which are contained in the functions/locales directory. Also, Cloud Translation API translates data from Meetup API when the user's language does not match the GDG's primary language.

⚠️ This code sample was built using Dialogflow. We now recommend using Actions Builder or the Actions SDK to develop, test, and deploy Conversational Actions.

Attention: GDG Organizers This sample can be published on the Google Assistant platform (instructions below).

Enable Billing

Required for running this sample

Cloud Translation API as well as Meetup API use will both require billing enabled in the Cloud Platform Console. For more info on Cloud Translation API, you can visit Pricing Infomation. This sample uses Firebase Cloud Functions to make an HTTP request to a non-Google service(Meetup API), which will require an upgrade to a Firebase plan that allows for outbound networking, such as the Blaze Plan, also called Pay as you go.

Setup Instructions


  1. Node.js and NPM
    • We recommend installing using NVM
  2. Install the Firebase CLI
    • We recommend using version 6.5.0, npm install -g [email protected]
    • Run firebase login with your Google account


Actions Console

  1. From the Actions on Google Console, New project > Create project > under More options > Conversational
  2. From the top menu under Develop > Actions (left nav) > Add your first action > BUILD (this will bring you to the Dialogflow console) > Select language and time zone > CREATE.
  3. In the Dialogflow console, go to Settings ⚙ > Export and Import > Restore from zip using the agent.zip in this sample's directory.

Cloud Platform Console

  1. In the Google Cloud Platform console, select your Project ID from the dropdown
  2. From Menu ☰ > APIs & Services > Library > select Cloud Translation API > Enable

Firebase Deployment

  1. The following values need to be configured in the functions/config.js file:
    • projectId: Your Project ID
    • gdgId: unique identifier for the GDG on Meetup (ex: google-developer-group-san-francisco for https://www.meetup.com/google-developer-group-san-francisco/)
    • gdgName: short name for the GDG (ex: GDG San Francisco)
    • appLocal: language code from https://developers.google.com/assistant/console/languages-locales (ex: en, pt, ja, es, tr)
  2. On your local machine, in the functions directory, run npm install
  3. Run firebase deploy --project {PROJECT_ID} to deploy the function
    • To find your Project ID: In Dialogflow console under Settings ⚙ > General tab > Project ID.

Dialogflow Console

  1. Return to the Dialogflow Console > select Fulfillment > Enable Webhook > Set URL to the Function URL that was returned after the deploy command > SAVE.
    Function URL (dialogflowFirebaseFulfillment): https://${REGION}-${PROJECT_ID}.cloudfunctions.net/dialogflowFirebaseFulfillment
  2. From the left navigation menu, click Integrations > Integration Settings under Google Assistant > Enable Auto-preview changes > Test to open the Actions on Google simulator then say or type Talk to my test app.

Running this Sample

  • You can test your Action on any Google Assistant-enabled device on which the Assistant is signed into the same account used to create this project. Just say or type, “OK Google, talk to my test app”.
  • You can also use the Actions on Google Console simulator to test most features and preview on-device behavior.

Publish your Action on Google Assistant

  1. In the Actions on Google Console > from the top menu Develop > Invocation (left nav) > add in a Display name for each language. For ex: GDG San Francisco)
    • Disregard any messaging about matching to the invocation, since we'll add that later; if it does not save, add empty space at the end.
  2. From the top menu Deploy > Directory information (left nav) and enter all the required information for each language > SAVE.
    • Description Suggested Directory information for descriptions here for all languages
    • Images: Follow the GDG Naming and Logo Guides
    • Privacy and Consent: This Action does not save any user data. Make sure that you have this verbiage in every language contained in the same document.
  3. Under Deploy > Release > SUBMIT FOR PRODUCTION.

References & Issues

Make Contributions

Please read and follow the steps in the CONTRIBUTING.md. We are looking to translate this Action into all available languages.




Your use of this sample is subject to, and by using or downloading the sample files you agree to comply with, the Google APIs Terms of Service.

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