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Vim Rails4,008
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rails.vim: Ruby on Rails power tools
Zeus3,315968132 years ago52June 14, 2017119mitGo
Boot any rails app in under a second.
Seed_dump1,3792,27728 months ago32May 08, 201849mitRuby
Rails 4/5 task to dump your data to db/seeds.rb
8 months ago56gpl-3.0JavaScript
Jazz_hands767792143 years ago16October 24, 201314mitRuby
Pry-based enhancements for the default Rails 3 and 4 consoles
7 years agoPython
Sublime Text 2 setup used in the Ruby on Rails Tutorial
Identity Idp468
a day ago2March 14, 202232otherRuby Core App: Identity Provider (IdP)
Postgres Copy41418854 months ago30July 18, 20209mitRuby
Simple PostgreSQL's COPY command support in ActiveRecord models
Jasmine Rails3821,221152 years ago66April 17, 201923mitJavaScript
A Jasmine runner for rails projects that's got you covered in both the terminal and the browser
Tomo347376 days ago45October 01, 2022mitRuby
A friendly CLI for deploying Rails apps ✨
Alternatives To Facturas
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Facturas is an example application to teach people how to use Ember.js with ember-cli.

Follow my series Ember.js With Ruby on Rails.

Things you will learn:

  • Understanding Ember.js MVC and Ruby on Rails MVC.

  • Main Ember.js Concepts.

  • ember-cli

  • Testing you Ember.js Apps with QUnit.

  • Keep up to date with Ember Data and Ember.js.

  • Deploying Ember.js apps to S3 and serve from Rails.

Ember.js client

The Ember.js client lives in its own repo under facturas-client

Running the project

  • Start the rails server: rails s
  • Start ember-cli: cd client-repo && ember serve --proxy
  • Go to: http://localhost:4200

Licence MIT - 2014 - Adolfo Builes

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