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Table of contents

Getting Started

Steps to setup :

  1. git clone <your-fork-url>
  2. cd vault
  3. sudo apt-get install python3-pip
  4. sudo pip3 install virtualenv
  5. virtualenv venv
  6. source venv/bin/activate
  7. pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Starting Vault :

  1. cd vault/src
  2. python3


  • Scan website for the following vulnerabilities

  • [x] XSS
  • [x] LFI
  • [ ] RFI
  • [ ] SQLi
  • Scanner

  • [x] Port scanning : ACK, FIN, NULL, XMAS
  • [x] IP scanning : Ping Sweep, ARP
  • [x] SSL vulnerability scan
  • [x] OS scan
  • [x] Hash scanner : MD5, SHA1, SHA224, SHA256, SHA512
  • Others

  • Information Gathering
    • [x] Clickjacking
    • [x] jQuery version checking
    • [x] Insecure cookie flags
    • [x] Testing HTTP methods
    • [x] Insecure headers
    • [x] Header/banner grabbing
    • Finder
      • [x] Find comments in source code
      • [x] Find e-mails in source code
  • [ ] Session fixation through cookie injection
  • [x] Brute force login through authorization headers
  • [x] URL Fuzzer
  • [x] WHOIS Lookup
  • [x] Google Dork
  • [ ] Error handler checker
  • [x] Admin panel finder
  • [x] Open redirect vulnerability
  • [x] CMS Detection
  • [x] Detect Honeypots
  • [ ] Detect DDoS attack
  • [ ] Detect De-authentication attack
  • [ ] Detect ARP spoof attack
  • Crawling

  • [x] Crawl a website and collect all the links
  • [x] Crawl and scrape the website for images
  • Attacks

  • [x] DDoS Attack
  • [x] ARP Spoofer
  • [ ] DNS Spoofer
  • [x] De-authentication attack
  • [ ] Network disassociation attack
  • [X] Ping of death
  • [x] MAC Flood attack
  • Utilities

  • [ ] Generate customized backdoor
  • [ ] Data monitoring
  • [X] Keylogger
  • [ ] SSH Tunelling
  • [ ] Generate sitemap
  • [x] MAC address changer
  • [ ] Trace route


usage: [-h] [-u URL] [-p PORT] [-sp START_PORT] [-ep END_PORT] [-ssl]
                [-info] [-comment] [-email] [-fuzz] [-ip IP] [-t THREADS]
                [-i INTERFACE] [-source_port SOURCE_PORT] [-fin] [-null]
                [-ack] [-xmas] [-os_scan] [-xss] [-this] [-ping_sweep] [-arp]
                [-ip_start_range IP_START_RANGE] [-ip_end_range IP_END_RANGE]
                [-lfi] [-whois] [-o OUTPUT] [-d DORK] [-ddos] [-mac_flood]
                [-interval INTERVAL] [-cr] [-cri] [-all] [-exclude EXCLUDE]
                [-admin] [-orv] [-keylogger] [-host HOST] [-username USERNAME]
                [-password PASSWORD] [-sender SENDER]
                [-destination DESTINATION] [-arp_spoof] [-jquery]
                [-ping_death] [-bruteforce] [-hash] [-md5] [-sha1] [-sha224]
                [-sha256] [-sha512] [-dir DIR] [-detect_cms] [-change_mac]
                [-mac MAC] [-honey] [-target_bssid TARGET_BSSID] [-deauth]


optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -u URL, --url URL     URL for scanning
  -p PORT, --port PORT  Single port for scanning
  -sp START_PORT, --start_port START_PORT
                        Start port for scanning
  -ep END_PORT, --end_port END_PORT
                        End port for scanning
  -ssl                  perform SSL scan
  -info                 Gather information
  -comment              Finding comments
  -email                Finding emails
  -fuzz                 Fuzzing URL
  -ip IP, --ip IP       IP address for port scanning
  -t THREADS, --threads THREADS
                        Number of threads to use
  -i INTERFACE, --interface INTERFACE
                        Networking Interface to use
  -source_port SOURCE_PORT
                        Source port for sending packets
  -fin                  Perform FIN Scan
  -null                 Perform NULL Scan
  -ack                  Perform TCP ACK Scan
  -xmas                 Perform XMAS Scan
  -os_scan              Perform OS Scan
  -xss                  Scan for XSS vulnerabilities
  -this                 Only scan the given URL, do not crawl
  -ping_sweep           ICMP ECHO request
  -arp                  ARP Scan
  -ip_start_range IP_START_RANGE
                        Start range for scanning IP
  -ip_end_range IP_END_RANGE
                        End range for scanning IP
  -lfi                  Scan for LFI vulnerabilities
  -whois                perform a whois lookup of a given IP
  -o OUTPUT, --output OUTPUT
                        Output all data
  -d DORK, --dork DORK  Perform google dorking
  -ddos                 Perform DDoS attack
  -mac_flood            Perform MAC Flooding attack
  -interval INTERVAL    Interval time for sending packets
  -cr                   For extracting links from a web page
  -cri                  For extracting images from a Web page
  -all                  Run all scans
  -exclude EXCLUDE      Scans to exclude
  -admin                Find admin panel on a given domain
  -orv                  Test for open redirection Vulnerability
  -keylogger            Capture keystrokes and send them by email
  -host HOST            SMTP Host to use
  -username USERNAME    Username to login
  -password PASSWORD    Password to login
  -sender SENDER        Email to send from
  -destination DESTINATION
                        Email to send to
  -arp_spoof            ARP Spoofing
  -jquery               Check jQuery version and get vulnerabilities
  -ping_death           Perform ping of death attack
  -bruteforce           Perform brute force attack through
  -hash                 Start hash scan
  -md5                  Scan MD5
  -sha1                 Scan SHA1
  -sha224               Scan SHA224
  -sha256               Scan SHA256
  -sha512               Scan SHA512
  -dir DIR              Directory to scan
  -detect_cms           Perform CMS Detection
  -change_mac           Chnage MAC address
  -mac MAC              New MAC address
  -honey                Detect honeypot
  -target_bssid TARGET_BSSID
                        Target BSSID
  -deauth               De-authentication attack

Example Usage : python3 -u 'http://url' -info -comment -ssl -fuzz



Any and all contributions, new-issues, features and tips are welcome. Please refer to for more details.



This project is currently a part of IIT KWoC 2018.

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