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WARNING: This is not a production release. It is still WIP. Please do not use this copy until it becomes stable. However for test and development purposes, you are welcome.


This is art/ submodule of AOSP 7.1.2 which brings Xposed functionality out-of-the-box. That's, not requiring users to root their devices to install Xposed. Xposed is installed by default. Please note that you can't use this module on your existing ROMs. This ART should be placed in AOSP source tree, then building the whole ROM.

What's the difference?

Original Xposed is kinda a patch that's applied on already built firmwares and then recompiles lots of already compiled dex files. But this copy of ART doesn't recompile anything. It on the other hand, compiles system dex files at the ROM build time with Xposed considerations in mind (e.g. disabling method inlining and direct call). This two are similar insofar as both share the exactly same mechanism to hook methods. Actually I've ported rovo89's commits (of course those relating to hooking) to ART of AOSP version N.

How to build a built-in Xposed enabled firmware?

  • Replace original art/ submodule with this copy.
  • Replace original frameworks/base/cmds/app_process with the modified one.
  • Build edited XposedBridge project. That's a copy compatible with Nougat. After building you will find an APK at build/outputs/apk, rename to XposedBridge.jar.
  • Create a prebuilt module that copies XposedBridge.jar to system/framework, or manually copy it and run make snod to include it in the system.img.
  • Do the last step also for xposed.prop. It should be placed at /system in the final image.
  • Update build/target/product/ to include libxposed_art and XposedBridge to the main makefile recipes (optional).

Where's ART commits?

Gone! Actually for sake of simplicity, I've flattened down all commits into a single commit, all rovo89's too.


See issues.

Copy right

MIT. not included LICENSE file though!

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