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Docker image to export Godot Engine games and deploy to GitLab/GitHub Pages and using GitLab CI and GitHub Actions.

Docker Hub

How To Use

.gitlab-ci.yml and .github/workflows/godot-ci.yml are included in this project as reference.
For live projects, examples and tutorials using this template check the list below:


To build a godot project with Mono enabled, change the image tag from barichello/godot-ci:VERSION to barichello/godot-ci:mono-VERSION in .gitlab-ci.yml (Gitlab) or godot-ci.yml (Github). e.g. barichello/godot-ci:mono-3.2.1.


To build a debug release (debug.keystore), use the android_debug job example in the gitlab-ci.yml file.

If you want to export for Android with your own keystore, you can do this with the following steps:

  1. Take your generated keystore and convert it to Base64: Linux & macOS: base64 release.keystore -w 0 Windows: certutil -encodehex -f release.keystore encoded.txt 0x40000001
  2. Go to GitLab Project > Settings > CI/CD > Variables and copy the Base64-encoded keystore value in a new variable SECRET_RELEASE_KEYSTORE_BASE64 as type variable.
  3. Create a second variable SECRET_RELEASE_KEYSTORE_USER as type variable with the alias of your keystore as value.
  4. Create a third variable SECRET_RELEASE_KEYSTORE_PASSWORD as type variable with the password of your keystore as value.
  5. Use the android job example in the gitlab-ci.yml file.


See this repository for automating GDNative C++ compilation, which is based off this repository.


You have to compile Godot with the modules included first. See this excellent repository by Calinou for automating Godot builds.

After that, you would use the custom build to export your project as usual. See this guide by Greenfox on how to use a custom Godot build for automated exports.


Not available yet. Automating Xcode projects is doable but not trivial, and macOS runners only recently became available for GitHub actions, so it will happen eventually.


Here's a mapping between each supported CI service, the template jobs and a live example.

CI Template Example
GitLab CI Godot Exports / GitHub Pages / GitLab Pages / GitLab CI Pipelines
GitHub Actions Godot Exports GitHub Actions running

Environment configuration

First you need to remove unused jobs/stages from the .yml file you are using as a template(.gitlab-ci.yml or .github/workflows/godot-ci.yml).
Then you have to add these environments to a configuration panel depending on the chosen CI and jobs:

  • GitHub:<username>/<project-name>/settings/secrets
  • GitLab:<username>/<repo-name>/settings/ci_cd

GitHub Pages

Secrets needed for a GitHub Pages deploy via GitLab CI:

Variable Description Example
REMOTE_URL The git remote where the web export will be hosted (in this case GitHub), it should contain your deploy/personal access token https://<github username>:<deploy token><username>/<repository>.git
GIT_EMAIL Git email of the account that will commit to the gh-pages branch. [email protected]
GIT_USERNAME Username of the account that will commit to the gh-pages branch. username

Others variables are set automatically by the gitlab-runner, see the documentation for predefined variables.

Deployment to is done via Butler.
Secrets needed for a deploy via GitLab CI:

Variable Description Example
ITCHIO_USERNAME Your username on, as in your personal page will be at https://<username> username
ITCHIO_GAME the name of your game on Itchio, as in your game will be available at https://<username><game> game
BUTLER_API_KEY An API key is necessary for Butler so that the CI can authenticate on on your behalf. Make that API key Masked(GitLab CI) to keep it secret xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Problems while exporting

  • Check that the export names on export_presets.cfg match the ones used in your CI script.
  • Check the paths used in your CI script, some commands may be running in the wrong place if you are keeping the project in a folder (like the test-project template) or not.

Authentication errors with Butler

Additional Resources

Greenfox has an excellent repo that is also for automating Godot exports.

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