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Are you still looking for a simple and convenient Minecraft Server Manager? PHPMC 7 may be your best choice!

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PHPMC 7 is a powerful Minecraft Server Manager developed by Akkariin


Hello, I am Akkariin. This is my first Minecraft server manager project.

I always wanted to build a Minecraft server manager a long ago, so I recently spent some time on developing the fascinating PHPMC 7 Minecraft server manager panel.


  1. Complete Minecraft server management capabilities
  2. Works on multiple platforms, it works on Windows and Linux, even Android phones
  3. Supports multiple nodes and distributed daemons on different servers
  4. Supports FTP file transfer system
  5. Supports Docker Containers(With some modifications on server starting command)
  6. Supports any game that allows you to run your own server.

Security & Performance

We do not use MD5 hashing because nowadays its possible to be reverse decrypted. We use irreversible hashing function like BCrypt.

We use JAVA I/O Stream to send commands and read & write logs, it makes the stream process more stable with higher efficiency.

PHPMC supports Docker to run servers, but it is not recommanded to use PHPMC 7 for a commercial purpose.

PHPMC supports privilege subdivision and almost every single operation can be controlled by privilege subdivision system.


The demo username and password are admin

The demo is only for you to see how the system works, and layout demonstration.

The demo does not always update to latest version. Please install the latest PHPMC to try out all features.

Multiple languages

PHPMC 7 now supports multiple languages, and you can switch to system languages like en_US, zh_CN and more languages in PHPMC 7 settings.

More languages:


This project uses the GNU General Public License v3.0 open source.

You may use, modify and distribute it arbitrarily, subject to the agreement.

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