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Have you ever lost your Minecraft world before?

Maybe your hard drive died. Maybe you used a server hosting service that terminated without warning. Maybe you just accidentally deleted it.

DriveBackupV2 is a plugin that aims to provide an extra layer of security to your data by backing it up remotely.


  • Creates and/or uploads backups to Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, or a remote (S)FTP server
  • Can create a backup out of any files or folders on your Minecraft server
  • Can include files and MySQL databases from external servers (such as a BungeeCord one!)
  • Deletes backups locally and remotely if they exceed a specified amount
  • Can automatically run backups at an interval or on a schedule
  • And much more!

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You're missing out on the most powerful Minecraft Hosting experience if you aren't using Server Horse!

Having data loss or corruption is never fun. With Server Horse, you can be certain that your data is in safe hands with our powerful data redundancy features. Combine that with DriveBackupV2 and you have the most reliable Minecraft Server data security possible. Plus your Java Edition server will work on all editions (Xbox, Bedrock, etc.)! Server Horse is the future of Minecraft Server hosting, and we hope we can be a part of your hosting future!

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Basic Setup

First, download the plugin here and copy it to the plugins folder on your server. Then, restart your server. Finally, follow the instructions below for the backup method of your choice.

Google Drive

Simply run /drivebackup linkaccount googledrive and follow the on-screen instructions.


Simply run /drivebackup linkaccount onedrive and follow the on-screen instructions.


Simply run /drivebackup linkaccount dropbox and follow the on-screen instructions.


Since v1.3.0

Change local-keep-count in the config.yml to the number of backups to keep locally. Set to -1 to keep an unlimited amount of backups locally.

Once you've completed the above instructions, backups will run automatically every hour.

Advanced Setup

Learn how to set up and use more advanced features in the wiki.

Privacy Policy

Since we need to access your Google Drive and/or OneDrive data to back up your world, we are required to provide a Privacy Policy.

All of the data this plugin uploads and downloads from your Google Drive and/or OneDrive stays on your Minecraft server, so we never have access to it. This plugin physically cannot access any data in your Google Drive and/or OneDrive that is not related to backing up your Minecraft world backups. But don't take our word for it, all of this plugin's source code is available here!

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