🎮 CraftLib wraps the entire Minecraft codebase as a Java / Kotlin library. Supports protocol, NBT, chat and schematics. 1.7.x - 1.8.x
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Project NameStarsDownloadsRepos Using ThisPackages Using ThisMost Recent CommitTotal ReleasesLatest ReleaseOpen IssuesLicenseLanguage
2 months ago97mitYacc
An open-source Minecraft music maker.
3 months ago5mitC#
Tool for convert files into Magicavoxel file
4 years ago150otherJava
Import schematics, export schematics, build schematics. All inside Minecraft!
Craftlib6423 months ago4July 23, 20203lgpl-3.0Kotlin
🎮 CraftLib wraps the entire Minecraft codebase as a Java / Kotlin library. Supports protocol, NBT, chat and schematics. 1.7.x - 1.8.x
Modded Schematics43
4 years ago4mit
Schematic files for modded Minecraft that can be used with Schemetica and WorldEdit.
Schematicwebviewer4112 months ago23October 11, 20212mitTypeScript
An NPM package to facilitate importing and viewing of modern Minecraft schematics.
Mcthings2623 years ago60August 07, 202036apache-2.0Python
A Python framework for creating 3D scenes in Minecraft and Minetest
12 days ago9agpl-3.0Java
A minecraft plugin which allows you to use schematics in a brush via world edit
Prismarine Schematic1536 months ago8April 11, 20228mitJavaScript
Read and write schematic of any minecraft version, provide them in a convenient and stable API
5 years ago11mitJava
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The entire Minecraft codebase as a library, with protocol, NBT, chat and schematic file support.

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  1. What IS CraftLib?
  2. Using it
  3. Special Thanks

1. What IS CraftLib?

CraftLib is a simple Kotlin library which aims to completely recreate many of the essential concepts of Minecraft. This includes protocol, NBT, chat, localization, schematics and more to come!

This library includes full support for Kotlin's features out of the box with additional functions being introduced to ensure Java interoperability is simple and straightforward.

2. Using it.

To include CraftLib into your project, add the Maven Central repository to your project. Then add the appropriate dependency notation for your build system to include our package.

Note: The wiki is currently a WIP. This file will be updated accordingly once it is sufficiently complete.




implementation 'dev.zerite.craftlib:craftlib-protocol:0.1.4'

3. Special Thanks


A HUGE thank you to the team at #mcdevs (Freenode IRC) and their wiki. Without their work documenting the Minecraft codebase, this project wouldn't be possible. Some comments from their wiki pages (particularly protocol) have been used throughout the codebase and all rights to those texts belong to their team.


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