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Awesome Open Source

Nano NGiNX

This image contains :

Dockerfile used to build image.

The server try to find the setting file nginx.conf in /etc/nginx folder, you can use default installation settings from your distro, the only thing you have to do is to mount the settings folder in the docker container.

$ docker run --rm --name nginx -v /srv/http:/www -v /var/log/nginx:/var/log/nginx -v /etc/nginx:/etc/nginx -p 80:80 -p 8443:443 zenithar/nano-nginx:latest

Volumes :

  • /www : defaut document root for files to serve
  • /var/log/nginx: for nginx logs
  • /etc/nginx: for nginx settings


  • Brotli encoder (/bin/bro)
  • Luajit console (/bin/luajit)

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