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Optimized LEMP Web Server A powerful set of commands for doing just about anything you could wish.

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Linux Ubuntu + Nginx + MariaDB (MySQL) + PHP is one of the most reliable and powerful configurations to host your websites. With Webinoly you can set up your web server in just one step.

Webinoly provides a set of tools and commands that facilitate web server administration.

  • Unique commands to create, delete, disable sites.
  • Free SSL certificates for your sites with Let’s Encrypt and automatic server configuration.
  • HTTP/2 dramatically increases the speed of serving your content.
  • PHP v8.0 and support for earlier versions if needed (7.4) and the newest v8.1.
  • FastCGI Cache and Redis Object Cache for your WordPress sites.
  • Install WP in any subfolder and support for external databases, multisite and domain mapping.
  • Reverse Proxy for any app (Java, React, Node, Angular, Vue, etc) or to use your own domain with any external file repo like S3.
  • A complete suite of tools for backups. Moving a site or the whole server has never been so easy.
  • Protect your site, folder or file with HTTP Authentication.
  • Advanced support for cloning your sites for testing.
  • Custom FastCGI Cache support for any dynamic site.
  • Nginx redirection manager, native SMTP for emails and a lot more features.
  • Datadog native integration for monitoring and analytics.
  • Get an A+ grade on Qualys (SSL Labs) Test.
  • Log viewer in real time.


# Install Webinoly and LEMP
wget -qO weby && sudo bash weby

# Create your first site.
sudo site -wp

# Authentication
sudo httpauth -add


  • Ubuntu 20.04 or 18.04


For complete documentation, please visit our site.


Please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.

You don't need developer skills to help, visit our site to know How to Contribute to Webinoly.


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