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Ximdex 4.0 - README

Build Status PHP 7 ready

Ximdex CMS is a Decoupled Headless Semantic Content and Data Management System (headless CMS DMS) that allows the manipulation and generation of content, data and apps to be published in different target technologies: PHP, J2EE, .NET, XML/XSLT, JS, RDF, JSON, RoR, ...

  • Description

    In fact, it is a powerful and versatile Content Management Framework (CMF) to help you manage information in form of data, content or services to be published in the cloud as web portals, structured semantic repositories or linked open datasets.

    With Ximdex CMS you can mix structured and non-structured content and data, represent apps and services, aggregate information from remote sources, capture metadata, annotate it with semantic tags from the visual ontology browser, add a semantic layer and publish it using Dynamic Semantic Publishing (DSP) technologies, automatically generate suggestions to enrich your content (as images, new links or references, ...), etc.

    Ximdex is modular, based on standards (XML, XSLT, RDF, HTML5, ...) and it adds a semantic layer to any managed element (doc, app, picture, metadata, video, etc.) that makes it easy to adapt information to any final exploitation format (html, rdf, j2ee, php, json, RoR, xml/xslt, …) and publish it into the cloud as web portals, semantic portals, mobile services, linked open datasets, APPs, etc.

  • Features

    • Headless CMS & Decoupled Publishing Architecture: Flexible, Secure, Scalable.
    • Neutral: content independent, format agnostic, free structure, open access, ...
    • Information adaptable, structurizable and semantizable with Dynamic Semantic Publishing (DSP) techniques
    • Multichannel in the cloud
    • Visual Edition of XML + automatic transformation of XML
    • Visual Edition of Enriched books to be generated as EPUB or APPs for IOS and Android.
    • Visual Edition of HTML5.
    • Visual Role/User/Workflow edition in an object-action UI
    • Its neutrality and flexibility allows to use any application server or language for the deployment of portals and web applications: .NET, PHP, XML/XSLT, XHTML, HTML5, JSON, RDF, ...
    • Multiple languages, multichannel (Digital TV, Web, smartphones and tablets, APPs, ...) and multiple application servers
  • Future plans

    See our project roadmap at

  • Get Involved

    If you are interested on the power of Semantic Web for CMS this is a good starting point!.

  • Availability

    Ximdex CMS is open source with AGPL v3 (see 'LICENSE')

  • Installation

    See '' for the recommnended installation process.

  • Ximdex Core Requirements

    • A Unix based system with PHP(>= 7.1, and some extra modules), Apache 2 webserver (with modules described in the installation guide) and MySQL (>= 5.7) or MariaDB (>= 10.2) database.
    • In the client side: Firefox (>= 5.0) with Javascript and cookies enabled.
    • An internet connection if you want to use automatic recommendations (as semantic annotations) or publishing into the cloud.

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