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React Native Bouncy Checkbox

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Fully customizable animated bouncy checkbox for React Native

npm version npm Platform - Android and iOS License: MIT styled with prettier

React Native Bouncy Checkbox React Native Bouncy Checkbox


Add the dependency:

Zero Dependency

React Native

npm i react-native-bouncy-checkbox

Version 2.0.0 is Here 🥳

  • Typescript
  • Zero Dependency
  • More Customization Options
  • New customization props are available:
    • iconStyle
    • bounceEffect
    • bounceFriction
    • textComponent


import BouncyCheckbox from "react-native-bouncy-checkbox";


Basic Usage

<BouncyCheckbox onPress={(isChecked: boolean) => {}} />

Advanced Custom Usage

  text="Custom Checkbox"
  iconStyle={{ borderColor: "red" }}
  textStyle={{ fontFamily: "JosefinSans-Regular" }}
  onPress={(isChecked: boolean) => {}}

Configuration - Props

Property Type Default Description
text string undefined set the checkbox's text
textComponent component undefined set the checkbox's text by a React Component
onPress function null set your own onPress functionality after the bounce effect, callback receives the next isChecked boolean if disableBuiltInState is false
disableText boolean false if you want to use checkbox without text, you can enable it
size number 25 size of width and height of the checkbox
style style default set/override the container style
textStyle style default set/override the text style
iconStyle style default set/override the icon style
isChecked boolean false set the default checkbox value
fillColor color #f09f48 change the checkbox's filled color
unfillColor color transparent change the checkbox's un-filled color when it's not checked
useNativeDriver boolean true enable/disable the useNativeDriver for animation
iconComponent component Icon set your own icon component
checkIconImageSource image default set your own check icon image
ImageComponent component Image set your own Image component instead of RN's default Image
bounceEffect number 1 change the bounce effect
bounceFriction number 3 change the bounce friction
disableBuiltInState boolean false if you want to manually handle the isChecked prop and disable built in handling
textContainerStyle ViewStyle default set/override the text container style
TouchableComponent Component TouchableOpacity set/override the main TouchableOpacity component with any Touchable Component like Pressable

Synthetic Press Functionality with Manual Check State

React Native Bouncy Checkbox

Please check the example-manual-state runable project to how to make it work on a real project.

Becareful while using disableBuiltInState you MUST set the isChecked prop to use your own check state manually. The onPress callback will NOT receive the next isChecked when disableBuiltInState is used.

Here is the basic implementation:

import React from "react";
import {
} from "react-native";
import BouncyCheckbox from "./lib/BouncyCheckbox";
import RNBounceable from "@freakycoder/react-native-bounceable";

const App = () => {
  let bouncyCheckboxRef: BouncyCheckbox | null = null;
  const [checkboxState, setCheckboxState] = React.useState(false);

  return (
        flex: 1,
        alignItems: "center",
        justifyContent: "center",
          height: 30,
          width: 150,
          alignItems: "center",
          justifyContent: "center",
          borderRadius: 12,
          backgroundColor: checkboxState ? "#34eb83" : "#eb4034",
          style={{ color: "#fff" }}
        >{`Check Status: ${checkboxState.toString()}`}</Text>
        style={{ marginTop: 16 }}
        ref={(ref: any) => (bouncyCheckboxRef = ref)}
        text="Synthetic Checkbox"
        onPress={() => setCheckboxState(!checkboxState)}
          marginTop: 16,
          height: 50,
          width: "90%",
          backgroundColor: "#ffc484",
          borderRadius: 12,
          alignItems: "center",
          justifyContent: "center",
        onPress={() => bouncyCheckboxRef?.onPress()}
        <Text style={{ color: "#fff" }}>Synthetic Checkbox Press</Text>

const styles = StyleSheet.create({});

export default App;

React Native Bouncy Checkbox Group

React Native Bouncy Checkbox

We have also this library's checkbox group library as well :) Please take a look


How to disable strikethrough?

  • Simply use the textStyle prop and set the textDecorationLine to none
  textDecorationLine: "none",

How to make square checkbox?

  • Simply use the iconStyle prop and set the borderRadius to 0
  borderRadius: 0, // to make it a little round increase the value accordingly

Future Plans

  • [x] LICENSE
  • [x] Typescript Challange!
  • [x] Version 2.0.0 is alive 🥳
  • [x] Synthetic Press Functionality
  • [x] Disable built-in check state
  • [x] React Native Bouncy Checkbox Group Library Extension
  • [ ] Better Documentation | Separation of Documentation
  • [ ] Write an article about the lib on Medium


FreakyCoder, [email protected]


React Native Bouncy Checkbox is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

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