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AsmResolver is a PE inspection library allowing .NET programmers to read, modify and write executable files. This includes .NET as well as native images. The library exposes high-level representations of the PE, while still allowing the user to access low-level structures.

AsmResolver is released under the MIT license.


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Check out the wiki for guides and information on how to use the library.


The solution can be build using the .NET SDK or an IDE that works with the .NET SDK (such as Visual Studio and JetBrains Rider). The main packages target .NET Standard 2.0, and the xUnit test projects target .NET Core 3.1.

To build the project from the commandline, use:

$ dotnet restore
$ dotnet build

To run all tests, simply run:

$ dotnet test


See for guidelines on general workflow and code style.


AsmResolver started out as a hobby project, but has grown into a community project with various contributors. Without these people, AsmResolver would not have been where it is today!

  • Special thanks to all the people who contributed directly with code commits.

  • Another big thank you to all the people that suggested new features, provided feedback on the API design, have done extensive testing, and/or reported bugs on the issue board, by e-mail, or through DMs.

If you feel you have been under-represented in these acknowledgements, feel free to contact me.

Found a bug or have questions?

Please use the issue tracker. Try to be as descriptive as possible.

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