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QuadRay engine is a realtime raytracing project aimed at full SIMD utilization on ARM, MIPS, POWER and x86 architectures. The efficient use of SIMD is achieved by processing four rays at a time to match SIMD register width (hence the name). The rendering core of the engine is written on a unified SIMD assembler allowing single assembler code to be compatible with different processor architectures, thus reducing the need to maintain multiple parallel versions.

At present, Intel SSE/SSE2/SSE4 and AVX/AVX2/AVX-512 (32/64-bit x86 ISAs), ARMv7 NEON/NEONv2, ARMv8 AArch32 and AArch64 NEON, SVE (32/64-bit ARM ISAs), MIPS 32/64-bit r5/r6 MSA and POWER 32/64-bit VMX/VSX (little/big-endian ISAs) are mostly implemented (w/ horizontal reductions) although scalar improvements, wider SIMD vectors with zeroing/merging predicates in 3/4-operand instructions, cross-precision fp-converters as well as sub-word (byte/half) integer SIMD ops are planned as extensions to current 2/3-operand SPMD-driven vertical SIMD ISA.

The project has a test framework for Linux/GCC/Clang and Windows/VC++/TDM64-GCC. Support for macOS is provided via Command Line Tools with GCC and Clang options. Instructions for resolving dependencies and building the binaries for supported platforms can be found in the accompanying INSTALL file.

RooT demo features:

  • Move/rotate camera with W,A,S,D + arrow keys
  • Print state (to dump) of all objects in the scene (on F1/'I')
  • Runtime toggling of antialiasing (on F2/'2')
  • Runtime cycling through cameras (on F3/'3')
  • Runtime saving (to dump) of BMP screenshots (on F4/'4')
  • Runtime toggling of FPS logging (on F5/'L')
  • Runtime switching of SIMD targets (F6/'6', F7/'7', F8/'8')
  • Runtime scene selection (F11/'1'), hide nums (F12/'5')
  • Multi-threading support with core-count (df: 120 threads)
  • Multi-group affinity for Windows threading (> 64 threads)
  • Fullscreen support on Linux, macOS and Windows (-w 0)
  • Offscreen rendering support for benchmarking (-o or F10/'0')
  • Refer to VERSION file (section 0.6.7) for cli options

QuadRay core features:

  • Full set of plane+(unified)quadric solvers
  • Custom clipping (by surface), boolean ops
  • Full geometry transform (hierarchical)
  • Basic RGB texturing for planes, no UV-mapping yet
  • Ambient+diffuse+specular+attenuation lights
  • All lights are colored points with infinite range
  • Hard shadows (opaque) from all light sources
  • Reflections/refractions+translucency w/ Fresnel (df: off)
  • Fullscreen 2x/4x antialiasing, Gamma correction (df: off)
  • Tiled scanline rendering, custom tree-like accelerators
  • Statically-linkable data format (C/C++ structs)
  • Programmable animators for all objects (below root)
  • 8 registers deep SIMD rendering pipeline (core/tracer)
  • Written on UniSIMD assembler

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