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Waterdrop is a high performance micro-service framework based on gin and grpc. Waterdrop comes from (The Three Body Problem). waterdrop


  • HTTP Server: Based on gin and can reuse all its features
  • RPC Server: Based on the official gRPC-go and use ETCD for service registration and discovery, default load balancing policy is roundrobin
  • Conf: Support YAML, TOML, JSON and other extensions, default TOML parsing, user can decide whether or not to watch the config file changes for hot reload configuration
  • Database: Integrated MySQL, Redis
  • Log: Based on Zap encapsulation
  • Trace: Integrate Opentracing access and use jaeger to record trace records
  • Distribute Lock: distributed Lock is implemented based on Redis and ETCD. The former is suitable for final consistent business locks, while the latter is suitable for strongly consistent business locks
  • Stats: Metrics & Profile for service operation
  • Broker: Support RocketMQ and Kafka.
  • Utils: Helper class function
  • Registry: Service Registry discovery, etcd is the default service discovery component
  • Status: Global error handling for error conversion between HTTP/RPC
  • Dashboard: Build metrics dashboard based on Grafana, to be implemented
  • Breaker: Support alibaba sentinel, google sre breaker
  • Middlewares & Interceptors: HTTP/RPC Server common middleware, such as token bucket/leaky bucket flow limiting, request signature, etc., to be implemented


go get



Contributions are always welcomed! You can start with the issues labeled with bug or feature.

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