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The Advanced Light-Duty Powertrain and Hybrid Analysis (ALPHA) tool was created by EPA to evaluate the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions of Light-Duty (LD) vehicles. ALPHA is a physics-based, forward-looking, full vehicle computer simulation capable of analyzing various vehicle types combined with different powertrain technologies. The software tool is a MATLAB/Simulink based application.

EPA has developed the ALPHA model to enable the simulation of current and future vehicles, and as a tool for understanding vehicle behavior, greenhouse gas emissions and the effectiveness of various powertrain technologies. For GHG, ALPHA calculates CO2 emissions based on test fuel properties and vehicle fuel consumption. No other emissions are calculated at the present time but future work on other emissions is not precluded.

EPA engineers utilize ALPHA as an in-house research tool to explore in detail current and future advanced vehicle technologies. ALPHA is continually refined and updated to more accurately model light-duty vehicle behavior and to include new technologies.

ALPHA (and EPA's Heavy-Duty compliance model, GEM) are built on a common platform known as "REVS" - Regulated Emissions Vehicle Simulation. REVS forms the foundation of ALPHA. This document refers to the third revision of REVS, known as REVS3. ALPHA can be considered a tool as well as a modeling process, the components of which are defined in REVS.

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This repository is the public home of the ALPHA documentation source code.


The published documentation homepage is https://epa-alpha-model.readthedocs.io/en/latest/

The latest .pdf docs are available at https://epa-alpha-model.readthedocs.io/_/downloads/en/latest/pdf/

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