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i3wm configuration files

I use Debian GNU/Linux.

$i3 --version
i3 version 4.16.1 (2019-01-27) © 2009 Michael Stapelberg and contributors


  • Basic i3 configuration
  • Show/hide fastly floating terminal (See bindings)
  • Updating workspace name even working
  • Create new workspace by naming (or moving container to new)
  • Monitoring, you can put your bash scripts into ~/.i3/bin/{daemon.d,bar.d}
  • Reminder
  • Clipboard manager by clipmenu cdown/clipmenu


git clone ~/.i3

Don't forget setup the Xresources file. If you expect more dotfiles, you can have a look in TxGVNN/dots


xbacklight xinput i3blocks rxvt-unicode-256color screen feh scrot redshift alsa-utils acpi fonts-font-awesome xdotool xclip


  • Super+Enter Open terminal
  • Super+d Open dmenu
  • Super+Shift+e System tools
  • Super+Shift+q Close current container
  • More basic bindings... (see config)
  • Super+Esc Toggle fastly floating terminal
  • Super+t Rename workspace name (with workspace number)
  • Super+Shift+t Rename workspace name
  • Super+i Create new workspace by naming (Go to if already exists)
  • Super+Shift+i Move a container to workspace by naming
  • Super+m Mark a container
  • Super+Shift+m Go to the marked container
  • Super+' Reminder
  • Super+Shift+w clipmenu

Mouse mode

  • Super+g Go to mouse mode, after that you can

  • ←(a), →(d), ↑(w), ↓(x) Mouse move left, right, up & down

  • q, e, c, z Move top+left, top+right, bottom+right, bottom+left

  • $mod+(above) Mouse move faster (2*normal)

  • Control+(above) Mouse move slower (normal/3)

  • k, j, s, h, l Mouse click right, left, middle, wheel up, wheel down

  • Shift+j It means Shift + Right click (mark feature)

  • Control+h, Control+l It means Control + Right/Left click (zoom feature in browser)


  • master - As v4 but removing conky package (use i3blocks in status bar)

  • v4 v4

  • v3 v3

  • v2 v2

  • v1 v1


  • Icon not show?

depends on fonts-font-awesome

  • i3 crash caused by mark features?

  • If you want conky feature

Enable conky configuration on ~/.i3/config

exec --no-startup-id conky -d -c ~/.i3/conky-right
exec --no-startup-id conky -d -c ~/.i3/conky-left

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