Discord Js Lavalink Music Bot Erela Js

An advanced Discord.js Music Bot, which connects via Lavalink and erela.js! Including Slash-Commands and a BUTTON-BASED-REQUEST-SYSTEM
Alternatives To Discord Js Lavalink Music Bot Erela Js
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Discordbot Template244
2 months ago1apache-2.0JavaScript
A boilerplate / template for discord.js v14 bots with 100% coverage of Discord API, command handler, error handler based on https://discordjs.guide/
Discord Js Lavalink Music Bot Erela Js192
4 months ago22gpl-2.0JavaScript
An advanced Discord.js Music Bot, which connects via Lavalink and erela.js! Including Slash-Commands and a BUTTON-BASED-REQUEST-SYSTEM
Discord.js V14 Command Handlers99
8 months ago4mitJavaScript
Commands, Events, Permissions and Cooldowns Handlers for Discord.js v14 bot ~ Made by Nathaniel
Nuggies Npm44
4 months ago44October 02, 20212otherJavaScript
A utility package for Discord Bots!
Discord.js Bot Template39
5 days ago1mitJavaScript
A template for discord.js v14. Always up-to-date, integrates the latest Discord API features, and actively maintained.
a day agompl-2.0Java
A JDA command framework (& much more) which helps to develop your bots faster
2 years ago54June 02, 20215mitPython
Simplified menus for discord.py developers.
Typescript Discord.js V14 Template26
4 months ago7mitTypeScript
A quick-start template for Discord.js v14 in TypeScript that contains handling for commands, events, and interactions!
Guide Discord Bot23
4 days ago1gpl-3.0JavaScript
Discord.js v14 Guide Bot for Server Manager template | Open Source, Javascript, Button menu, Select menu, Modal system, Reaction roles
Buttons19112 years ago15February 25, 20203mitPython
A simple to use interactive session and paginator with custom button support for discord.py.
Alternatives To Discord Js Lavalink Music Bot Erela Js
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Discord.js Lavalink Music Bot using erela.js


Made with the Lavalink Wrapper Erela.js Note this Discord Bot Repository is the Same as for the Public Bot Lava Music if u want to support me, then please invite him!


Auto resume

Super fast & High Quality thanks to LAVALINK

A ton of Music-based Commands

Example Premium System

Everything is customicable / GUILD (embeds, language & default music values like: volume, filter, equalizer, autoplay, ...)

Dj- System

10+ Filters

Stable & Up to date with discord.js v13

Suport 10 music sources + Stage & Thread Channels

Works on Replit.com and any vps, with public & private Lavalink Nodes

Replit.com Version | FORK IT!

Youtube Hosting Tutorial

Installation | How to use the Bot

1. Install node.js v16.6+ or higher

2. Download this repo and unzip it | or git clone https://github.com/Tomato6966/discord-js-lavalink-Music-Bot-erela-js

3. Install all of the packages with npm install | the important packages are npm install [email protected] erela.js

4. Fill in the parameters, RIGHT in botconfig/config.json!

5. Download Lavalink and download Java 13 (Java 11 recommended)

5.1 Put the lavalink.jar File in the Same Repository as your Bot index.js, and maybe adjust application.yml (and config.json)

5.2 Run the Lavalink file with: java -jar Lavalink.jar **MAKE SURE THAT THERE IS THE application.yml FILE OTHERWISE IT WILL NOT WORK!

6. start the bot with node index.js / node . / npm start


If you are having errors/problems with starting delete the package.json file and do, before you install the packages npm init

Don't want to host your OWN LAVALINK ?

Well then skip step 5.

And use those settings in the botconfig/config.json FIle!

"clientsettings": {
      "nodes": [
            "host": "lava.link",
            "port": 80,
            "password": "anything as password"

Find more hosts here

How to enable the Slash Commands?

1. Start the Bot!

2. type: ?deployslash or @BOT deployslash, for GLOBAL Slash Commands (for all Servers and all new Servers) OR: Type: ?deployslash [SERVER_ID] for GUILD SLASH COMMANDS (just for this Server)


Discord Server | Website


You can always Support me by inviting one of my own Discord Bots

2021's best Music Bot | Lava Music Musicium Music Bot Milrato Multi Bot


If consider using this Bot, make sure to credit me!

Contributing on LANGUAGE SYSTEM

1. Copy a .json file in languages

2. Replace the Text, which aren't variables

3. Create a Pull Request


  • 50% is Language able ... finish the rest of it!

  • Not all emojis are yet in the emojis.json file ... Fix those!

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