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Implement some state-of-the-art text classification models with TensorFlow.


  • Python3
  • TensorFlow >= 1.4

Note: Original code is written in TensorFlow 1.4, while the VocabularyProcessor is depreciated, updated code changes to use tf.keras.preprocessing.text to do preprocessing. The new preprocessing function is named data_preprocessing_v2


You can load the data with

dbpedia = tf.contrib.learn.datasets.load_dataset('dbpedia', test_with_fake_data=FLAGS.test_with_fake_data)

Or download it from Baidu Yun.

Attention is All Your Need

Paper: Attention Is All You Need


Use self-attention where Query = Key = Value = sentence after word embedding

Multihead Attention module is implemented by Kyubyong

IndRNN for Text Classification

Paper: Independently Recurrent Neural Network (IndRNN): Building A Longer and Deeper RNN

IndRNNCell is implemented by batzener

Attention-Based Bidirection LSTM for Text Classification

Paper: Attention-Based Bidirectional Long Short-Term Memory Networks for Relation Classification


Hierarchical Attention Networks for Text Classification

Paper: Hierarchical Attention Networks for Document Classification


Attention module is implemented by ilivans/tf-rnn-attention .

Adversarial Training Methods For Supervised Text Classification

Paper: Adversarial Training Methods For Semi-Supervised Text Classification


Convolutional Neural Networks for Sentence Classification

Paper: Convolutional Neural Networks for Sentence Classification


RMDL: Random Multimodel Deep Learning for Classification

Paper: RMDL: Random Multimodel Deep Learning for Classification

See: See: RMDL Github

Note: The parameters are not fine-tuned, you can modify the kernel as you want.


Model Test Accuracy Notes
Attention-based Bi-LSTM 98.23 %
HAN 89.15% 1080Ti 10 epochs 12 min
Adversarial Attention-based Bi-LSTM 98.5% AWS p2 2 hours
IndRNN 98.39% 1080Ti 10 epochs 10 min
Attention is All Your Need 97.81% 1080Ti 15 epochs 8 min
RMDL 98.91% 2X Tesla Xp (3 RDLs)
CNN 98.37%

Welcome To Contribute

If you have any models implemented with great performance, you're welcome to contribute. Also, I'm glad to help if you have any problems with the project, feel free to raise a issue.

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