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A curated list of awesome books, tutorials, courses, and resources for the Spring framework ecosystem.

If you're new to Spring, start with watching the What is Spring? video.



  • Cloud Native Java (Josh Long), 2017 - Learn how to build scalable & resilient cloud native applications with Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, and Cloud Foundry.
  • Cloud Native Spring in Action (Thomas Vitale), 2022 - A hands-on guide to cloud native application development using Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Docker, and Kubernetes.
  • Hacking with Spring Boot 2.3: Reactive Edition (Greg L. Turnquist), 2020 - Learn the latest Spring features to build modern, reactive web applications with Spring Boot.
  • Practical Guide to Building an API Back End with Spring Boot (Wim Deblauwe), 2018 - Learn how to build an API backend using Spring Boot, Spring Data, and Spring Security.
  • Reactive Spring v1.5 (Josh Long), 2022 - An introduction to reactive programming and its implementation in the Spring ecosystem.
  • Spring in Action 6th edition (Craig Walls ), 2022 - A guide through Springs core features, reactive programming, microservices, service discovery, RESTful APIs, deployment, and best practices.
  • Spring Boot: Up & Running (Mark Heckler), 2021 - A guide through Spring Boots architecture and approach, along with topics such as debugging, testing, and deployment.
  • Spring Boot in Practice (Somnath Musib), 2022 - This practical guide presents dozens of relevant scenarios in a convenient problem-solution-discussion format.
  • Spring Microservices in Action 2nd edition (John Carnell, Illary Huaylupo Snchez), 2021 - A book about build microservice-based applications using Java and Spring.
  • Spring Security in Action (Laureniu Spilc), 2020 - Learn how to secure web applications from the most common threats using Spring Security.
  • Spring Start Here (Laureniu Spilc), 2021 - It introduces you to Java development with Spring by concentrating on core concepts like the Spring context, AOP, bean configuration, Spring MVC, and data persistence.
  • Stratospheric (Bjrn Wilmsmann, Philip Riecks, Tom Hombergs), 2022 - All you need to know to get a Spring Boot application into production with AWS.
  • Taming Thymeleaf (Wim Deblauwe), 2021 - Practical guide about building web applications with Spring Boot and Thymeleaf.


  • Cloud Native Java with Kubernetes 2nd edition (Josh Long) - It covers how high-performance organizations are addressing the requirements of distribution with Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, and Kubernetes to be more resilient, reliable, robust, and scalable.
  • From Zero to Production with Spring Boot and AWS - A hands-on online course to learn all you need to know to get a Spring Boot application into production with AWS.
  • Reactive Spring Boot 3rd edition (Josh Long) - It introduces key concepts of reactive programming and examines different aspects of the Spring ecosystem that lend themselves to the functional and reactive style of programming.
  • Testing Spring Boot Applications Masterclass - Learn about testing Spring Boot applications and make the most of the testing libraries like JUnit 5, Mockito, Selenium, WireMock, Testcontainers, LocalStack, Awaitility while using real-world application examples.
  • The Confident Spring Professional - Built to give you a comprehensive understanding of the Spring ecosystem, including Spring Framework, Spring MVC, Spring Data, and Spring Boot.


  • Bootiful Podcast - A "celebration of the real heroes that drive ecosystems", hosted by the Spring developer advocate Josh Long.


  • Spring I/O - The leading european conference focused on the Spring Framework ecosystem.
  • Spring One - A two-day conference gathering developers, cloud engineers, and leaders to share knowledge about the Spring Framework ecosystem.

Educational GitHub Projects

Other Resources


  • Baeldung - In-depth articles and tutorials in the Java ecosystem and web development, with a strong focus on Spring, Spring Security and RESTful APIs.
  • Marco Behler - Guides and tutorials about programming Java and Spring applications.
  • Reflectoring - Guides and tutorials about Spring Boot, Java, and software development principles.
  • Philip Riecks - Guides and tutorials about Spring Framework, Spring Boot, and Spring Test.
  • Piotr's TechBlog - Guides and tutorials about Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Kubernetes, and microservices.
  • Spring Official Blog - Official blog of the Spring community.
  • Spring Official Guides - Tutorials, guides, and in-depth analysis about the Spring projects.
  • VMware Tanzu Developer - Guides, videos, and Code Samples about Spring framework .

YouTube Channels and Playlists

A collection of awesome YouTube channels and playlists about the Spring landscape. Subscribe to them to receive all the latest content.

  • Amigoscode - Collection of full courses on topics like Java, Spring, and Kubernetes.
  • Dan Vega - Collections of videos about Spring Boot and Java.
  • Greg L. Turnquist - Collection of videos discussing Spring Boot by Greg Turnquist.
  • Java Brains - Collection of videos discussing Java and Spring Boot in detail by Koushik Kothagal.
  • Laureniu Spilc - Video tutorials about Spring Fundamentals and Spring Security.
  • SivaLabs - Video tutorials about Java, Spring and Kubernetes.
  • Spring Academy - Video tutorials about Spring, with focus on Spring Cloud AWS and Spring Data.
  • Spring Boot Quick Start - Video tutorials to create full end-to-end Spring applications using Spring Boot.
  • Spring Developer - The official YouTube channel for the Spring project.
  • Spring I/O Conference - Videos of keynotes and talks from all the past editions of the Spring I/O Conference.
  • Spring Tips - Video playlist with tips and tutorials about Spring by Josh Long.

Project Scaffolding

  • Bootify - Generate Spring Boot apps with custom database and REST API.
  • JHipster - Quickly generate, develop, and deploy Spring Boot web applications and microservice architectures.
  • Spring Initializr - Get the basic structure of your Spring Boot project with your config and dependencies.


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