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Svelte Materialify is soon to be deprecated is favour of svelterialjs. My exams are still going on as they were postponed due to the increasing number of CoVID cases in my country.

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Svelte Materialify

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Currently In Active Development

A better Material UI design framework for Svelte with full support for light / dark themes and customisability.

This is still in development. To contribute, please read and open a PR.

There are currently more than 50+ different components are more are planned to arrive soon.


Website is located at, it is still in development.


See how to install svelte materialify for your preferred framework (svelte/sapper/routify).


For help and support questions, please join our community discord. Issues should only be used for reporting bugs and suggesting features/enhancements.


Thank you for taking the time to contribute, you should start by reading the Code of Conduct and the Contribution Guide.


Detailed changes for each release are listed here.


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