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Play with MPV

Chrome extension and python server that allows you to play videos in webpages with MPV instead.
Works on hundreds of sites thanks to youtube-dl, and even torrents if you install peerflix.


  1. Install MPV
  2. Install python 2 or 3 and pip
  3. Install chrome extension
  4. Run pip install git+git:// --user
  5. Start server by running play-with-mpv (or use the Linux free desktop shortcut)

(optional) Install fair-use extension.
(optional) Install peerflix to stream torrents.
(optional) Install mkchromecast pip install git+git:// --user and extension.
(recommended) Install youtube-dl through your package manager for frequent updates.
(Arch Linux) aur package available.


Right-click this link and select "Play with MPV". MPV should popup and start playing the video. (Ctrl+Space also works)



  • Linux: cp {/usr,~/.local}/share/applications/ ~/.config/autostart
  • MacOS: instructions
  • Windows instructions


MPV is highly configurable, this is just how I like to use it.

To start in the corner, have no border, and stay on top: edit ~/.config/mpv/mpv.conf


In order to resize the window without borders, add keybinds: edit ~/.config/mpv/input.conf

` cycle border
ALT+UP add window-scale 0.05
ALT+DOWN add window-scale -0.05

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