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  • behaviac是游戏AI的开发框架组件,也是游戏原型的快速设计工具
  • 支持行为树BT,状态机FSM,HTN等多种范式
  • 方便的编辑,实时和离线调试
  • 支持全平台,适用于客户端和服务器,助力游戏快速迭代开发
  • 官方网站是文档,教程,API,FAQ,源码,下载等一切的入口
  • 您可以加入我们的QQ群433547396获得即时的帮助或者信息反馈。
  • BehaviacSetup*.exe是安装包,内含可执行的编辑器及示例。如需要自行构建,需要去官方网站github behaviac下载或克隆源码,然后可以访问build获取构建帮助

Visist for documents, tutorials, FAQs and all other information

  • behaviac is a framework of the game AI development, and it also can be used as a rapid game prototype design tool
  • behaviac supports the behavior tree, finite state machine and hierarchical task network
  • Behaviors can be designed and debugged in the designer, exported and executed by the game
  • The designer can only run on the Windows platforms, The run time library is implemented with C++ and C#, and it supports all major platforms (Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, Unity etc.) and Unity.
  • The C++ version is suitable for the client and server side.
  • Website for documents, tutorials, API,FAQ,source code, downloads,etc.
  • BehaviacSetup*.exe is the setup package with the binary editor and demo executable. You can download/clone the source code from github behaviac
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