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SkyAPM PHP is the PHP instrumentation agent, which is compatible with Apache SkyWalking backend and others compatible agents/SDKs

Support List

  1. CURL
  2. PDO
  3. Mysqli
  4. Yar Client (version > 2.0.4) (Yar)
  5. Yar Server (Yar)
  6. GRPC Client (GRPC)
  7. Predis Client (Predis)
  8. Redis Extension (Redis Extension)
  9. Memcache Extension (Memcache Extension)
  10. RabbitMQ
  11. Swoole (Swoole)
  12. Hyperf (Hyperf)
  13. Swoft (Swoft)
  14. Tars-php (Tars-php)
  15. LaravelS (LaravelS)


Docker image (Quick start)

Go to Docker hub ->

docker run -d -e SW_OAP_ADDRESS= skyapm/skywalking-php-8.0-fpm-alpine


Please head to the releases page to download a release of SkyAPM PHP.

Live Demo

Find the demo and screenshots on our website.

Video on

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Apache 2.0

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