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Welcome to AutoModpack,

What is this? AutoModpack is a Minecraft modification that aims to simplify the process of updating modpacks. With this mod, players no longer have to manually update each mod or the entire modpack. The tedious task of updating is handled automatically, making the experience more seamless and enjoyable.

(A bit outdated) Showcase (YouTube video)

I do not take credit for any of the content that can be downloaded from the mod. Likely all materials, except for the mod itself, were created by various talented individuals!

Key features

  • Auto modpack updating for seamless player experience.
  • Effortless modpack management for admins, including the ability to easily manage mods, configs, resource packs, and more.
  • Auto Synchronization of modpack content with server mods for consistency and reliability.
  • Dynamic modpack updates without disrupting player experience.
  • Quick and simple installation process.

How it works?

On server AutoModpack generates a file called modpack-content.json on the server, which contains all the mods, configs, resource packs, and other necessary files for your modpack. The server also hosts this file, as well as all the files contained within it, on an HTTP server.

When a client joins the server, the modpack automatically downloads the modpack-content.json file from HTTP server and all the files contained within it, if they haven't been downloaded yet. The client simply needs to wait a few seconds for the files to download, install, and restart the game. Once the process is complete, the client can join the server again and enjoy the modpack!

How to use

First of all download the latest version of the mod from here.

Put it into the /mods/ folder of your minecraft/server installation.

Launch the game your game/server.

- Client

  1. Join the server. Now modpack will be magically downloaded, installed. You will only need to click few buttons to confirm download and restart the game.
  2. Join the server again and Enjoy!

- Server

  1. Open port (default: 30037) on your server! need to host modpack.
  2. Restart server

and you are good to go!

Want to add more content to your modpack?

  • Just put it into /automodpack/host-modpack/ directory on your server.
  • Or add whatever file/folder to the syncedFiles list in /automodpack/automodpack-server.json

Want to delete some mods from modpack?

  • Just delete what you want from /automodpack/host-modpack/ directory on your server.
  • Or check and delete whatever file/folder from list syncedFiles in /automodpack/automodpack-server.json

Want to exclude some mods from syncedFiles?

  • Just add them to the "excludeSyncedFiles list in /automodpack/automodpack-server.json



Name Default Value Description
modpackName The name of the server modpack, currently doesn't do anything.
modpackHost true Starts HTTP server to host modpack.
generateModpackOnStart true Automatically generate modpack when the server starts.
syncedFiles "/mods/", "/config/" A list of files and directories that will be synced from the default server directory to the modpack.
excludeSyncedFiles "/mods/idontwantthismodinmodpack.jar", "/config/andthisconfigtoo.json" A list of only files that will be excluded from the syncing process.
allowEditsInFiles "/options.txt" List of files that clients are allowed to edit. In other words, just a files that are downloaded one time and then ignored from updating
optionalModpack false Whether or not the modpack is optional for clients to download.
autoExcludeServerSideMods true Automatically exclude server-side mods from the modpack.
velocitySupport false Enable support for the Velocity proxy. Currently won't work!
hostPort 30037 The port number on which the HTTP server listens.
hostThreads 8 The number of threads used by the HTTP server.
hostIp The IP address on which the HTTP server binds.
hostLocalIp The local IP address on which the HTTP server binds.
externalModpackHostLink An external link to the modpack host, if it's hosted elsewhere. Currently won't work!
updateCheck true Turn on/off all automodpack updates. This does not affect the mod's activity in installing modpacks.


Name Default Value Description
selectedModpack The main folder of the modpack that you want to play. Typing the name of the modpack here will cause it to be loaded.
username Your Minecraft username, currently unused, but there are plans to use it to notify the server admin who is downloading the modpack.
javaExecutablePath The path to the Java executable that is used to relaunch Minecraft.
updateCheck true Turn on/off all automodpack updates. This does not affect the mod's activity in installing modpacks.
autoRelaunchWhenUpdated false Auto relaunch Minecraft for seem lees automodpack self updating.


  • /automodpack - Status of automodpack and general help.
  • /automodpack generate - Generate new modpack.content file on server.
  • /automodpack host - Status of modpack hosting.
  • /automodpack host start - Start modpack hosting.
  • /automodpack host stop - Stop modpack hosting.
  • /automodpack host restart - Restart modpack hosting.
  • /automodpack config reload - Reload config files.

Common problem

Got errors every time you try to download the modpack?

  • Take a look at your server log after starting the server. See if there's a notice about the modpack host launch and make sure the IP is correct (it may only be the last digits of the IP).

  • If the IP isn't right, head over to the config file and change the "hostIp" to your server's correct IP (without the port).

  • Having trouble with the local host IP? No worries, just repeat the process but change "hostLocalIp" instead.


  • Feel free to contact me via discord Skidam#8666

Contributors are welcome! click.

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