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Scope of the project

Creating this config I wanted to recreate vscode with all it's meaningful features. Unlike NvChad (or other big projects) this build is simple simultaneously being well structured and intuitive. All these things make it easy to configure and tweak to your liking. You are able to install new plugins and remove existing ones without breaking whole configuraion.


Make sure that you have Neovim (0.6.1+) installed

Installation is really easy. All you need to do is just clone the repo to your config directory.

$ cd ~/.config && git clone

After cloning the repo open Neovim and run this command (to install missing dependencies):


Adding support for different languages

Installing support for new languages is really simple. All you need to do is run:

:LspInstall <name_of_language>

If you also want a nice syntax highlighting run:

:TSInstall <name_of_language>

If you use tools like prettier, eslint and others, you can integrate it easily with null-ls (check null-ls.lua file and null-ls.nvim).

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