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CosmicNvim is a lightweight and opinionated Neovim config for web development, specifically designed to provide a COSMIC programming experience!

Screen Shot 2021-12-19 at 1 25 24 PM

Stellar Features

Native LSP

Full featured native LSP functionality!

  • Go-to definition
  • Find references/type def/declaration
  • Code actions
  • Statusline diagnostics
  • Formatting/linting thanks to null-ls

Additional features

While CosmicNvim is geared specifically toward TypeScript/JavaScript development, it should be able to provide a great experience with any LSP supported language.


Quick guide


  • Neovim (+0.7.0)
  • Node.js
  • prettierd (for prettier formatting w/null_ls, optional)
  • eslint_d (for eslint w/null_ls, optional)


  # move to config dir
  cd ~/.config
  # back up current config
  cp -r nvim nvim.backup
  # clone repository
  git clone [email protected]:CosmicNvim/CosmicNvim.git nvim
  # open nvim and install plugins
  nvim +CosmicReloadSync

Additional CosmicNvim installation details.

Additional LSP server installation details.

CosmicNvim uninstallation details.


CosmicNvim comes with first-class support for the following themes:

Additional Screenshots


General Info

Cosmic configurations

Add additional vim options

Cosmic Commands

Update CosmicNvim


By default, this will assume the Cosmic git directory is placed at vim.fn.stdpath('config'), i.e. ~/.config/nvim. Otherwise, you may define the shell environment variable COSMICNVIM_INSTALL_DIR.

Clear cache and sync plugins


Useful for testing themes or plugins on the fly!

Reload user config


Useful for non-plugin related changes such as editor settings or mappings.

Default Mappings

File navigation

File explorer






Screen Shot 2021-12-19 at 1 21 21 PM Screen Shot 2021-12-19 at 1 21 35 PM Screen Shot 2021-12-19 at 1 22 01 PM Screen Shot 2021-12-19 at 1 22 18 PM




Screen Shot 2021-12-10 at 4 22 28 PM

Rename change notification

rename notification

Code Actions

Screen Shot 2021-12-10 at 3 37 38 PM



See more screenshots

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