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Awesome Open Source

Rafael Bodill's Neo/vim Config

Lean mean Neo/vim machine, 30-45ms startup time.

Best with Neovim 0.5.x or Vim 8.x and python3 enabled.

I encourage you to fork this repo and create your own experience. Learn how to tweak and change Neo/vim to the way YOU like it. This is my cultivation of years of tweaking, use it as a git remote and stay in-touch with upstream for reference or cherry-picking.

Table of Contents (🔎 Click to expand/collapse)


  • Fast startup time
  • Robust, yet light-weight
  • Lazy-load 95% of plugins with Shougo/dein.vim
  • Custom side-menu (try it out! Space+l)
  • Custom context-menu (try it! ;+c)
  • Modular configuration (see structure)
  • Auto-complete prabirshrestha/asyncomplete.vim extensive setup
  • Shougo/denite.nvim centric work-flow (lists)
  • Structure view with liuchengxu/vista.vim
  • Open SCM detailed URL in OS browser
  • Light-weight but informative status/tabline
  • Easy customizable theme
  • Premium color-schemes
  • Central location for tags and sessions


Vim screenshot


  • Python 3 (brew install python)
  • Neovim or Vim (brew install neovim and/or brew install vim)

Caveat: You must have one of these tools installed: yj, yq, yaml2json, Ruby, or Python with PyYAML in-order for the YAML configuration to be parsed.


1. Let's clone this repo! Clone to ~/.config/nvim, we'll also symlink it for regular Vim:

mkdir ~/.config
git clone git:// ~/.config/nvim
cd ~/.config/nvim
ln -s ~/.config/nvim ~/.vim  # For "regular" Vim
  • Note: If you set a custom $XDG_CONFIG_HOME, use that instead of ~/.config in the commands above. Neovim follows the XDG base-directories convention, Vim doesn't.

2. Install the Python 3 pynvim library. This is also needed for Vim 8 if you want to use Denite.

Neovim: ./ or pip3 install --user pynvim

Vim: pip3 install --user pynvim

3. Run make test to test your nvim/vim version and capabilities.

4. Run make to install all plugins.

5. If you are experiencing problems, run and read nvim -c checkhealth

Test Python 3 availability with :py3 print(sys.version_info)

Enjoy! 😄

Language-Server Protocol (LSP)

To leverage LSP auto-completions and other functionalities, once you open a file in Neo/vim, run :LspInstallServer <name> to use mattn/vim-lsp-settings installation feature, use Tab to list available servers.

Here are a few useful commands:

  • For example, open a .go file, and run: :LspInstallServer gopls
  • In a go file, use action :LspCodeAction source.organizeImports
  • See config/plugins/lsp.vim for special code intellisense mappings


cd ~/.config/nvim
make update

This will run git pull --ff --ff-only and update all plugins using Shougo/dein.vim package-manager (:call dein#update()).

Recommended Fonts

On macOS with Homebrew, choose one of the Nerd Fonts, for example, to install the Hack font:

brew tap homebrew/cask-fonts
brew search nerd-font
brew cask install font-hack-nerd-font
brew cask install font-iosevka-nerd-font-mono
brew cask install font-jetbrains-mono
brew cask install font-fira-code

Recommended Linters

  • macOS with Homebrew:
brew install shellcheck jsonlint yamllint tflint ansible-lint
brew install tidy-html5 proselint write-good
  • Node.js based linters:
yarn global add eslint jshint jsxhint stylelint sass-lint
yarn global add markdownlint-cli raml-cop
  • Python based linters:
pip3 install --user vim-vint pycodestyle pyflakes flake8

Recommended Tools

User Custom Config

If you want to add your own configuration, create the config/local.vim file and add your personal vimscript there. If you'd like to install plugins by yourself, create a config/local.plugins.yaml file and manage your own plugin collection.

If you want to disable some of the plugins I use, you can overwrite them, e.g.:

- { repo: mattn/vim-lsp-settings, if: 0 }

Disable built-in statusline & tabline

You can use your local config/local.vim to disable status and tab lines:

let g:tabline_plugin_enable = 0
let g:statusline_plugin_enable = 0

Now, using config/local.plugins.yaml you can install any line plugin you want, e.g.:

# Use only one!
- repo: itchyny/lightline.vim
- repo: vim-airline/vim-airline
- repo: glepnir/galaxyline.nvim
- repo: glepnir/spaceline.vim
- repo: liuchengxu/eleline.vim


Plugin Highlights

  • Plugin management with cache and lazy loading for speed
  • Auto-completion with Language-Server Protocol (LSP)
  • Project-aware tabs and labels
  • Fern as file-manager + Git status icons
  • Extensive language extensions library

Note that 95% of the plugins are lazy-loaded.

Plugins Included

List (🔎 Click to expand/collapse)

Non Lazy-Loaded Plugins

Name Description
Shougo/dein.vim Dark powered Vim/Neovim plugin manager
rafi/awesome-colorschemes Awesome color-schemes
thinca/vim-localrc Enable configuration file of each directory
romainl/vim-cool Simple plugin that makes hlsearch more useful
sgur/vim-editorconfig EditorConfig plugin written entirely in Vimscript
christoomey/tmux-navigator Seamless navigation between tmux panes and vim splits
tpope/vim-sleuth Heuristically set buffer indent options
antoinemadec/FixCursorHold.nvim Neovim CursorHold workaround
roxma/nvim-yarp Vim8 remote plugin framework for Neovim
roxma/vim-hug-neovim-rpc Vim8 compatibility layer for neovim rpc client

Lazy-Loaded Plugins


Name Description
hail2u/vim-css3-syntax CSS3 syntax support to vim's built-in syntax/css.vim
othree/csscomplete.vim Updated built-in CSS complete with latest standards
cakebaker/scss-syntax.vim Syntax file for scss (Sassy CSS)
groenewege/vim-less Syntax for LESS
iloginow/vim-stylus Syntax, indentation and autocomplete for Stylus
mustache/vim-mustache-handlebars Mustache and handlebars syntax
digitaltoad/vim-pug Pug (formerly Jade) syntax and indentation
othree/html5.vim HTML5 omnicomplete and syntax
plasticboy/vim-markdown Markdown syntax highlighting
pangloss/vim-javascript Enhanced Javascript syntax
HerringtonDarkholme/yats.vim Advanced TypeScript Syntax Highlighting
MaxMEllon/vim-jsx-pretty React JSX syntax pretty highlighting
leafOfTree/vim-svelte-plugin Syntax and indent plugin for Svelte
heavenshell/vim-jsdoc Generate JSDoc to your JavaScript code
jparise/vim-graphql GraphQL file detection, syntax highlighting, and indentation
moll/vim-node Superb development with Node.js
kchmck/vim-coffee-script CoffeeScript support
elzr/vim-json Better JSON support
posva/vim-vue Syntax Highlight for Vue.js components
vim-python/python-syntax Enhanced version of the original Python syntax
Vimjas/vim-python-pep8-indent A nicer Python indentation style
vim-scripts/python_match.vim Extend the % motion for Python files
raimon49/requirements.txt.vim Python requirements file format
StanAngeloff/php.vim Up-to-date PHP syntax file (5.3 – 7.1 support)
tbastos/vim-lua Lua 5.3 syntax and indentation improved support
vim-ruby/vim-ruby Ruby support
keith/swift.vim Swift support
rust-lang/rust.vim Rust support
vim-jp/syntax-vim-ex Improved Vim syntax highlighting
chrisbra/csv.vim Handling column separated data
tpope/vim-git Git runtime files
ekalinin/Dockerfile.vim Syntax and snippets for Dockerfile
tmux-plugins/vim-tmux Plugin for tmux.conf
MTDL9/vim-log-highlighting Syntax highlighting for generic log files
cespare/vim-toml Syntax for TOML
mboughaba/i3config.vim i3 window manager config syntax
dag/vim-fish Fish shell edit support
jstrater/mpvim Macports portfile configuration files
robbles/logstash.vim Highlights logstash configuration files
lifepillar/pgsql.vim PostgreSQL syntax and indent
chr4/nginx.vim Improved nginx syntax and indent
towolf/vim-helm Syntax for Helm templates (yaml + gotmpl + sprig)
udalov/kotlin-vim Kotlin syntax and indent
reasonml-editor/vim-reason-plus Reason syntax and indent
pearofducks/ansible-vim Improved YAML support for Ansible
hashivim/vim-terraform Base Terraform integration


Name Description
lambdalisue/fern.vim General purpose asynchronous tree viewer in pure vim
lambdalisue/nerdfont.vim Fundemental plugin to handle Nerd Fonts
lambdalisue/fern-git-status.vim Fern git status badge integration
lambdalisue/fern-mapping-git.vim Fern git related mappings
lambdalisue/fern-bookmark.vim Fern bookmark plugin
lambdalisue/fern-renderer-nerdfont.vim Fern nerdfont integration
lambdalisue/glyph-palette.vim Universal nerdfont palette
tyru/caw.vim Robust comment plugin with operator support
Shougo/context_filetype.vim Context filetype detection for nested code
lambdalisue/fin.vim Filter the buffer content in-place
mbbill/undotree Ultimate undo history visualizer
jreybert/vimagit Ease your git work-flow within Vim
tweekmonster/helpful.vim Display vim version numbers in docs
lambdalisue/gina.vim Asynchronously control git repositories
mhinz/vim-grepper Helps you win at grep
Shougo/vinarise.vim Hex editor
guns/xterm-color-table.vim Display 256 xterm colors with their RGB equivalents
cocopon/colorswatch.vim Generate a beautiful color swatch for the current buffer
dstein64/vim-startuptime Visually profile Vim's startup time
lambdalisue/suda.vim An alternative sudo.vim for Vim and Neovim
brooth/far.vim Fast find and replace plugin
pechorin/any-jump.vim Jump to any definition and references without overhead
kana/vim-niceblock Make blockwise Visual mode more useful
t9md/vim-choosewin Choose window to use, like tmux's 'display-pane'
mzlogin/vim-markdown-toc Generate table of contents for Markdown files
reedes/vim-wordy Uncover usage problems in your writing
liuchengxu/vista.vim Viewer & Finder for LSP symbols and tags in Vim
junegunn/fzf Powerful command-line fuzzy finder
junegunn/fzf.vim Fzf integration
Ron89/thesaurus_query.vim Multi-language thesaurus query and replacement


Name Description
itchyny/vim-gitbranch Lightweight git branch detection
itchyny/vim-parenmatch Efficient alternative to the standard matchparen plugin
haya14busa/vim-asterisk Improved * motions
rhysd/accelerated-jk Up/down movement acceleration
haya14busa/vim-edgemotion Jump to the edge of block
t9md/vim-quickhl Highlight words quickly
rafi/vim-sidemenu Small side-menu useful for terminal users
machakann/vim-highlightedyank Make the yanked region apparent
itchyny/cursorword Underlines word under cursor
airblade/vim-gitgutter Show git changes at Vim gutter and un/stages hunks
kshenoy/vim-signature Display and toggle marks
nathanaelkane/vim-indent-guides Visually display indent levels in code
rhysd/committia.vim Pleasant editing on Git commit messages
junegunn/goyo Distraction-free writing
junegunn/limelight Hyperfocus-writing
itchyny/calendar.vim Calendar application
deris/vim-shot-f Highlight characters to move directly with f/t/F/T
vimwiki/vimwiki Personal Wiki for Vim
norcalli/nvim-colorizer.lua The fastest Neovim colorizer

Completion & Code-Analysis

Name Description
prabirshrestha/async.vim Normalize async job control API for Vim and Neovim
prabirshrestha/asyncomplete.vim Async-completion in pure Vimscript for Vim8 and Neovim
prabirshrestha/asyncomplete-lsp.vim Provide Language Server Protocol autocompletion source
prabirshrestha/vim-lsp Async Language Server Protocol plugin for Vim and Neovim
mattn/vim-lsp-settings Auto LSP configurations for vim-lsp
Shougo/neco-vim Completion source for Vimscript
prabirshrestha/asyncomplete-necovim.vim Provides syntax autocomplete via neco-vim
prabirshrestha/asyncomplete-buffer.vim Provides buffer autocomplete
prabirshrestha/asyncomplete-tags.vim Provides tag autocomplete via vim tagfiles
prabirshrestha/asyncomplete-file.vim Provides file autocomplete
wellle/tmux-complete.vim Completion of words in adjacent tmux panes
prabirshrestha/asyncomplete-ultisnips.vim Provides UltiSnips autocomplete
SirVer/ultisnips Ultimate snippet solution
honza/vim-snippets Community-maintained snippets for programming languages
mattn/emmet-vim Provides support for expanding abbreviations alá emmet
ludovicchabant/vim-gutentags Manages your tag files
Raimondi/delimitMate Auto-completion for quotes, parens, brackets

Denite & Clap

Name Description
Shougo/denite.nvim Dark powered asynchronous unite all interfaces
Shougo/neomru.vim Denite plugin for MRU
Shougo/neoyank.vim Denite plugin for yank history
Shougo/junkfile.vim Denite plugin for temporary files
chemzqm/unite-location Denite location & quickfix lists
rafi/vim-denite-session Browse and open sessions
rafi/vim-denite-z Filter and browse Z (jump around) data file
liuchengxu/vim-clap Modern performant generic finder and dispatcher

Operators & Text Objects

Name Description
kana/vim-operator-user Define your own custom operators
kana/vim-operator-replace Operator to replace text with register content
machakann/vim-sandwich Search, select, and edit sandwich text objects
kana/vim-textobj-user Create your own text objects
terryma/vim-expand-region Visually select increasingly larger regions of text
AndrewRadev/sideways.vim Match function arguments
AndrewRadev/splitjoin.vim Transition code between multi-line and single-line
AndrewRadev/linediff.vim Perform diffs on blocks of code
AndrewRadev/dsf.vim Delete surrounding function call
kana/vim-textobj-function Text objects for functions

Custom Key-mappings

Note that,

  • Leader key set as Space
  • Local-Leader key set as ; and used for navigation and search (Denite and Fern)
  • Disable in normal mode by enabling g:elite_mode in .vault.vim
Key-mappings (🔎 Click to expand/collapse) Modes: 𝐍=normal 𝐕=visual 𝐒=select 𝐈=insert 𝐂=command


Key Mode Action Plugin or Mapping
j / k 𝐍 𝐕 Cursor moves through display-lines g j/k
g+j / k 𝐍 𝐕 𝐒 Jump to edge upward/downward haya14busa/vim-edgemotion
gh / gl 𝐍 𝐕 Easier line-wise movement g ^/$
Space+Space 𝐍 𝐕 Toggle visual-line mode V / Escape
v / V 𝐕 Expand/reduce selection terryma/vim-expand-region
zl / zh 𝐍 Scroll horizontally and vertically wider z4 l/h
Ctrl+j 𝐍 Move to split below christoomey/tmux-navigator
Ctrl+k 𝐍 Move to upper split christoomey/tmux-navigator
Ctrl+h 𝐍 Move to left split christoomey/tmux-navigator
Ctrl+l 𝐍 Move to right split christoomey/tmux-navigator
Return 𝐍 Toggle fold za
Shift+Return 𝐍 Focus the current fold by closing all others zMzvzt
]q or ]q 𝐍 Next/previous on quickfix list :cnext / :cprev
]l or ]l 𝐍 Next/previous on location-list :lnext / :lprev
]w or ]w 𝐍 Next/previous whitespace error plugin/whitespace.vim
]g or ]g 𝐍 Next/previous Git hunk airblade/vim-gitgutter
]d or ]d 𝐍 Next/previous LSP diagnostic mattn/vim-lsp-settings
Ctrl+f 𝐂 Move cursor forwards in command Right
Ctrl+b 𝐂 Move cursor backwards in command Left
Ctrl+h 𝐂 Move cursor to the beginning in command Home
Ctrl+l 𝐂 Move cursor to the end in command End

File Operations

Key Mode Action Plugin or Mapping
Space+cd 𝐍 Switch to the directory of opened buffer :lcd %:p:h
gf 𝐍 𝐕 Open file under the cursor in a vsplit :rightbelow wincmd f
Space+w 𝐍 𝐕 𝐒 Write buffer to file :write
Ctrl+s 𝐍 𝐕 𝐒 𝐂 Write buffer to file :write


Key Mode Action Plugin or Mapping
Ctrl+Return 𝐈 Expand emmet abbreviation mattn/emmet-vim
Q 𝐍 Start/stop macro recording q
gQ 𝐍 Play macro 'q' @q
Shift+Return 𝐈 Start new line from any cursor position <C-o>o
< 𝐕 𝐒 Indent to left and re-select <gv
> 𝐕 𝐒 Indent to right and re-select `>gv
Tab 𝐕 𝐒 Indent to right and re-select `>gv
Shift+Tab 𝐕 𝐒 Indent to left and re-select <gv
gc 𝐍 𝐕 𝐒 Caw (comments plugin) prefix tyru/caw.vim
gcc 𝐍 𝐕 𝐒 Toggle comments tyru/caw.vim
Space+v 𝐍 𝐕 𝐒 Toggle single-line comments tyru/caw.vim
Space+V 𝐍 𝐕 𝐒 Toggle comment block tyru/caw.vim
Space+j or k 𝐍 𝐕 Move lines down/up :m
Space+d 𝐍 𝐕 Duplicate line or selection
Space+cn / cN 𝐍 𝐕 Change current word in a repeatable manner
Space+cp 𝐍 Duplicate paragraph yap<S-}>p
Space+cw 𝐍 Remove all spaces at EOL :%s/\s\+$//e
Ctrl+g g 𝐈 Jump outside of pair Raimondi/delimitMate
sj / sk 𝐍 Join/split arguments AndrewRadev/splitjoin.vim
dsf / csf 𝐍 Delete/change surrounding function call AndrewRadev/dsf.vim

Search & Replace

Key Mode Action Plugin or Mapping
Space+f 𝐍 Filter lines in-place lambdalisue/fin.vim
* / # 𝐍 𝐕 Search selection forward/backward haya14busa/vim-asterisk
g* / g# 𝐍 𝐕 Search whole-word forward/backward haya14busa/vim-asterisk
Backspace 𝐍 Match bracket %
gp 𝐍 Select last paste
sg 𝐕 Replace within selected area :s/⌴/gc
Ctrl+r 𝐕 Replace selection with step-by-step confirmation :%s/\V/⌴/gc


Key Mode Action Plugin or Mapping
p 𝐕 𝐒 Paste without yank kana/vim-operator-replace
Y 𝐍 Yank to the end of line y$
Space+y 𝐍 Copy relative file-path to clipboard
Space+Y 𝐍 Copy absolute file-path to clipboard

Command & History

Key Mode Action Plugin or Mapping
! 𝐍 Shortcut for shell command :!
g! 𝐍 Read vim command into buffer :put=execute('⌴')
Ctrl+n / p 𝐂 Switch history search pairs /
/ 𝐂 Switch history search pairs Ctrl n/p

Editor UI

Key Mode Action Plugin or Mapping
Space+ts 𝐍 Toggle spell-checker :setlocal spell!
Space+tn 𝐍 Toggle line numbers :setlocal nonumber!
Space+tl 𝐍 Toggle hidden characters :setlocal nolist!
Space+th 𝐍 Toggle highlighted search :set hlsearch!
Space+tw 𝐍 Toggle wrap :setlocal wrap!
Space+ti 𝐍 Toggle indentation lines nathanaelkane/vim-indent-guides
g1 𝐍 Go to first tab :tabfirst
g9 𝐍 Go to last tab :tablast
g5 𝐍 Go to previous tab :tabprevious
Ctrl+Tab 𝐍 Go to next tab :tabnext
Ctrl+ShiftTab 𝐍 Go to previous tab :tabprevious
Alt+j 𝐍 Go to next tab :tabnext
Alt+k 𝐍 Go to previous tab :tabprevious
Alt+{ 𝐍 Move tab backward :-tabmove
Alt+} 𝐍 Move tab forward :+tabmove
Space+h 𝐍 Show highlight groups for word

Custom Tools & Plugins

Key Mode Action Plugin or Mapping
- 𝐍 Choose a window to edit t9md/vim-choosewin
;+c 𝐍 Open context-menu plugin/actionmenu.vim
gK 𝐍 Open Zeal or Dash on some file-types plugin/devhelp.vim
gCtrl+o 𝐍 Navigate to previous file on jumplist plugin/jumpfile.vim
gCtrl+i 𝐍 Navigate to next file on jumplist plugin/jumpfile.vim
Space+l 𝐍 Open side-menu helper rafi/vim-sidemenu
Space+b 𝐍 Open structure window liuchengxu/vista.vim
Space+a 𝐍 Show nearby tag in structure window liuchengxu/vista.vim
Space+se 𝐍 Save current workspace session plugin/sessions.vim
Space+sl 𝐍 Load workspace session plugin/sessions.vim
Space+S 𝐍 𝐕 Source selection y:execute @@
Space+? 𝐍 Open the macOS dictionary on current word :!open dict://
Space+P 𝐍 Use Marked 2 for real-time Markdown preview Marked 2
Space+ml 𝐍 Append modeline to end of buffer config/mappings.vim
Space+mda 𝐕 Sequentially mark region for diff AndrewRadev/linediff.vim
Space+mdf 𝐕 Mark region for diff and compare if more than one AndrewRadev/linediff.vim
Space+mds 𝐍 Shows the comparison for all marked regions AndrewRadev/linediff.vim
Space+mdr 𝐍 Removes the signs denoting the diff regions AndrewRadev/linediff.vim
Space+mg 𝐍 Open Magit jreybert/vimagit
Space+mt 𝐍 𝐕 Toggle highlighted word t9md/vim-quickhl
Space+- 𝐍 Switch editing window with selected t9md/vim-choosewin
Space+G 𝐍 Toggle distraction-free writing junegunn/goyo
Space+gu 𝐍 Open undo-tree mbbill/undotree
Space+K 𝐍 Thesaurus Ron89/thesaurus_query.vim
Space+W 𝐍 VimWiki vimwiki/vimwiki

Window Management

Key Mode Action Plugin or Mapping
q 𝐍 Quit window (and Vim, if last window) :quit
Ctrl+q 𝐍 Remap to C-w Ctrl+w
Ctrl+x 𝐍 Rotate window placement C-w x
sv 𝐍 Horizontal split :split
sg 𝐍 Vertical split :vsplit
st 𝐍 Open new tab :tabnew
so 𝐍 Close other windows :only
sb 𝐍 Previous buffer :b#
sc 𝐍 Close current buffer :close
sq 𝐍 Quit window :quit
sx 𝐍 Delete buffer, leave blank window :enew │ bdelete
sz 𝐍 Toggle window zoom :vertical resize │ resize
ssv 𝐍 Split with previous buffer :split │ wincmd p │ e#
ssg 𝐍 Vertical split with previous buffer :vsplit │ wincmd p │ e#
sh 𝐍 Toggle colorscheme background=dark/light :set background
s- 𝐍 Lower solarized8 colorscheme contrast :colorscheme
s= 𝐍 Raise solarized8 colorscheme contrast :colorscheme

Git Version Control

Key Mode Action Plugin or Mapping
gs 𝐍 Preview hunk airblade/vim-gitgutter
gS 𝐍 𝐕 𝐒 Stage hunk airblade/vim-gitgutter
Space+gr 𝐍 Revert hunk airblade/vim-gitgutter
Space+ga 𝐍 Git add current file lambdalisue/gina.vim
Space+gd 𝐍 Git diff lambdalisue/gina.vim
Space+gc 𝐍 Git branches lambdalisue/gina.vim
Space+gc 𝐍 Git commit lambdalisue/gina.vim
Space+gb 𝐍 Git blame lambdalisue/gina.vim
Space+gs 𝐍 Git status -s lambdalisue/gina.vim
Space+gl 𝐍 Git log --all lambdalisue/gina.vim
Space+gF 𝐍 Git fetch lambdalisue/gina.vim
Space+gp 𝐍 Git push lambdalisue/gina.vim
Space+go 𝐍 𝐕 Open SCM detailed URL in browser lambdalisue/gina.vim

Plugin: Denite

Key Mode Action
;r 𝐍 Resumes last Denite window
;f 𝐍 File search
;g 𝐍 Grep search
;b 𝐍 Buffers
;i 𝐍 Old files
;x 𝐍 Most recently used files (MRU)
;d 𝐍 Directories and MRU
;v 𝐍 𝐕 Yank history
;l 𝐍 Location list
;q 𝐍 Quick fix
;m 𝐍 Marks
;n 𝐍 Dein plugin list
;j 𝐍 Jump points and change stack
;u 𝐍 Junk files
;o 𝐍 Outline tags
;s 𝐍 Sessions
;t 𝐍 Tag list
;p 𝐍 Jumps
;h 𝐍 Help
;w 𝐍 Memo list
;z 𝐍 Z (jump around)
;; 𝐍 Command history
;/ 𝐍 Buffer lines
;* 𝐍 Search word under cursor with lines
Space+gt 𝐍 Find tags matching word under cursor
Space+gf 𝐍 Find files matching word under cursor
Space+gg 𝐍 𝐕 Grep word under cursor
Within Denite window
jj or Escape 𝐈 Leave Insert mode
i or / 𝐍 Enter Insert mode (filter input)
q or Escape 𝐍 Exit denite window
Tab or Shift+Tab 𝐈 Next/previous candidate
Space 𝐍 Select candidate entry
dd 𝐍 Delete entry
p 𝐍 Preview entry
st 𝐍 Open in a new tab
sg 𝐍 Open in a vertical split
sv 𝐍 Open in a split
' 𝐍 Quick-move
r 𝐍 Redraw
yy 𝐍 Yank
Tab 𝐍 List and choose action

Plugin: Fern

Key Mode Action
;e 𝐍 Open file-explorer (toggle)
;a 𝐍 Focus current file in file-explorer
Within Fern window
j or k 𝐍 Move up and down the tree
l or Return 𝐍 Toggle collapse/expand directory or open file
h 𝐍 Collapse directory tree
! 𝐍 Toggle hidden files
Space 𝐍 Select entry
^ 𝐍 Change into current working directory
Backspace 𝐍 Change into parent directory
st 𝐍 Open file in new tab
sv 𝐍 Open file in a horizontal split
sg 𝐍 Open file in a vertical split
N 𝐍 Create new directories and/or files
K 𝐍 Create new directory
c / m 𝐍 Copy/move
R 𝐍 Rename file or directory
D 𝐍 Trash selected files and directories
yy 𝐍 Yank path to clipboard
w 𝐍 Toggle window size
x or gx 𝐍 Execute associated system application
gr 𝐍 Grep in current position
gf 𝐍 Find files in current position

Plugin: Clap

Key Mode Action
Within Clap window
jj or Escape 𝐈 Leave Insert mode
i 𝐍 Enter Insert mode (filter input)
q or Escape 𝐍 Exit clap window
Tab or Shift+Tab 𝐈 Next/previous candidate
Space or ' 𝐍 Select candidate entry
st 𝐍 Open in a new tab
sg 𝐍 Open in a vertical split
sv 𝐍 Open in a split

Plugin: Asyncomplete and Emmet

Key Mode Action
Tab / Shift-Tab 𝐈 Navigate completion-menu
Enter 𝐈 Select completion or expand snippet
Ctrl+j/k/d/u 𝐈 Movement in completion pop-up
Ctrl+Return 𝐈 Expand Emmet sequence
Ctrl+Space 𝐈 Refresh and show candidates
Ctrl+y 𝐈 Close pop-up
Ctrl+e 𝐈 Cancel selection and close pop-up
Ctrl+l 𝐈 Expand snippet at cursor
Tab / Shift-Tab 𝐈 𝐒 Navigate snippet placeholders

Plugin: Any-Jump

Key Mode Action
Space+ii 𝐍 Jump to definition under cursor
Space+ii 𝐕 Jump to selected text in visual mode
Space+ib 𝐍 Open previous opened file (after jump)
Space+il 𝐍 Open last closed search window again

Plugin: Signature

Key Mode Action
m/ or m? 𝐍 Show list of buffer marks/markers
mm 𝐍 Toggle mark on current line
m, 𝐍 Place next mark
m a-z 𝐍 Place specific mark (Won't work for: mm, mn, mp)
dm a-z 𝐍 Remove specific mark (Won't work for: mm, mn, mp)
mn 𝐍 Jump to next mark
mp 𝐍 Jump to previous mark
]= 𝐍 Jump to next marker
[= 𝐍 Jump to previous marker
m- 𝐍 Purge all on current line
m Space 𝐍 Purge marks
m Backspace 𝐍 Purge markers

Credits & Contribution

Big thanks to the dark knight Shougo.

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