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Gitter API Client 4.0

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composer require serafim/gitter-api

Creating a Gitter Client

use Gitter\Client;

$client = new Client($token); 
// OR
$client = new Client($token, $logger); // $logger are instance of \Psr\Log\LoggerInterface

// ... SOME ACTIONS ...

$client->connect(); // Locks current runtime and starts an EventLoop (for streaming requests)


// $client = new \Gitter\Client('token');

$client->groups;   // Groups resource (Traversable)
$client->messages; // Messages resource
$client->rooms;    // Rooms resource (Traversable)
$client->users;    // Users resource


foreach ($client->rooms as $room) {


$observer = $client->rooms->messages('roomId'); // Observer

$observer->subscribe(function ($message) {

// Connect to stream!

Available resources


List groups the current user is in.

  • $client->groups->all(): array

List of rooms nested under the specified group.

  • $client->groups->rooms(string $roomId): array


List of messages in a room in historical reversed order.

  • $client->messages->all(string $roomId[, string $query]): \Generator

There is also a way to retrieve a single message using its id.

  • $client->messages->find(string $roomId, string $messageId): array

Send a message to a room.

  • $client->messages->create(string $roomId, string $content): array

Update a message.

  • $client->messages->update(string $roomId, string $messageId, string $content): array

Delete a message.

  • $client->messages->delete(string $roomId, string $messageId): array


List rooms the current user is in.

  • $client->rooms->all([string $query]): array

Join user into a room.

  • $client->rooms->joinUser(string $roomId, string $userId): array

Join current user into a room.

  • $client->rooms->join(string $roomId): array

Join current user into a room by room name (URI).

  • $client->rooms->joinByName(string $name): array

Find room by room name (URI).

  • $client->rooms->findByName(string $name): array

Kick user from target room.

  • $client->rooms->kick(string $roomId, string $userId): array

This can be self-inflicted to leave the the room and remove room from your left menu.

  • $client->rooms->leave(string $roomId): array

Sets up a new topic of target room.

  • $client->rooms->topic(string $roomId, string $topic): array

Sets the room is indexed by search engines.

  • $client->rooms->searchIndex(string $roomId, bool $enabled): array

Sets the tags that define the room

  • $client->rooms->tags(string $roomId, array $tags): array

If you hate one of the rooms - you can destroy it!

  • $client->rooms->delete(string $roomId): array

List of users currently in the room.

  • $client->rooms->users(string $roomId[, string $query]: \Generator

Use the streaming API to listen events.

  • $client->rooms->events(string $roomId): Observer

Use the streaming API to listen messages.

  • $client->rooms->messages(string $roomId): Observer


Returns the current user logged in.

  • $client->users->current(): array
  • $client->users->currentUserId(): string

List of Rooms the user is part of.

  • $client->users->rooms([string $userId]): array

You can retrieve unread items and mentions using the following endpoint.

  • $client->users->unreadItems(string $roomId[, string $userId]): array

There is an additional endpoint nested under rooms that you can use to mark chat messages as read

  • $client->users->markAsRead(string $roomId, array $messageIds[, string $userId]): array

List of the user's GitHub Organisations and their respective Room if available.

  • $client->users->orgs([string $userId]): array

List of the user's GitHub Repositories and their respective Room if available.

  • $client->users->repos([string $userId]): array

List of Gitter channels nested under the user.

  • $client->users->channels([string $userId]): array

Custom WebHook Notifications

Create a "Custom Webhook":

  • Open your chat
  • Click on "Room Settings" button
  • Click on "Integrations"
  • Select "Custom"
  • Remember yor Hook Id, like 2b66cf4653faa342bbe8 inside url.
    // ->error($message) - Send "Error" message
    // ->info($message) - Send "Info" message
    // ->withLevel(...) - Sets up level
    ->send('Your message with markdown'); // Send message with markdown content

Custom routing

$route = Route::get('rooms/{roomId}/chatMessages')
    ->with('roomId', $roomId)
// Contains "GET" url

$client->viaStream()->request($route)->subscribe(function($message) {
    // Subscribe on every message in target room (Realtime subscribtion)


Available route methods:

  • Route::get(string $route) - GET http method
  • Route::post(string $route) - POST http method
  • Route::put(string $route) - PUT http method
  • Route::patch(string $route) - PATCH http method
  • Route::delete(string $route) - DELETE http method
  • Route::options(string $route) - OPTIONS http method
  • Route::head(string $route) - HEAD http method
  • Route::connect(string $route) - CONNECT http method
  • Route::trace(string $route) - TRACE http method

Route arguments:

  • $route->with(string $key, string $value) - Add route or GET query parameter
  • $route->withMany(array $parameters) - Add route or GET query parameters
  • $route->withBody(string $key, string $value) - Add POST, PUT, DELETE, etc body parameter

See more info about API into Documentation

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