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Beginners Guide to Computer Graphics in C/C++, OpenGL, JavaFX
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3 months ago38otherC++
A brief computer graphics / rendering course
Filament15,834242 days ago93September 20, 202298apache-2.0C++
Filament is a real-time physically based rendering engine for Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, macOS, and WebGL2
3d Game Shaders For Beginners15,226
25 days ago18bsd-3-clauseC++
🎮 A step-by-step guide to implementing SSAO, depth of field, lighting, normal mapping, and more for your 3D game.
12 hours ago15zlibC
A simple and easy-to-use library to enjoy videogames programming
10 days ago1July 11, 2022287bsd-2-clauseC++
Cross-platform, graphics API agnostic, "Bring Your Own Engine/Framework" style rendering library.
9 days ago814otherC#
One framework for creating powerful cross-platform games.
5 hours ago1,040otherC++
openFrameworks is a community-developed cross platform toolkit for creative coding in C++.
15 hours ago1March 24, 2020179zlibC++
Simple and Fast Multimedia Library
3 days ago52mitC++
RenderDoc is a stand-alone graphics debugging tool.
Gfx5,242665743 months ago51October 03, 2019333apache-2.0Rust
[maintenance mode] A low-overhead Vulkan-like GPU API for Rust.
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Computer Graphics

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  1. int gd = DETECT, gm;
  2. initgraph (&gd, &gm, "");
  3. getch(); //at the end

Course Walkthrough

  1. An architect wishes to visualize the structure of a building/bungalow/kite. Write a program using line drawing algorithm (DDA/Bresenham's), to help him to picture the same
  2. Draw an hour glass shape/vase/∝/ Ь/ε/ω/ς/~/r/m/?/s / क/ द/ ड/ ट/ ठ figure.
  3. Draw two concentric circle using midpoint circle drawing algorithm/bresenham’s circle drawing algorithm.
  4. Perform transformation (Translate, Rotate, Scale, Reflect, Shear) on a boat/kite/house shaped figure
  5. Write a program to implement Cohen Sutherland algorithm/Liang Barsky algorithm
  6. Write a program to implement polygon clipping wrt left/right/top/bottom window edge.
  7. Write a program to visualize the color combination for the hut/boat /kite.
  8. Write a program to color the areas
  9. Write a program to simulate fish swimming
  10. A plane taking off at various angles is to be shown to train a set of pilots. Simulate the take off process to help the training.
  11. A teacher wants to explain the solar system to school students. Simulate the demonstration.
  12. Write a program to simulate a car moving on road
  13. Write a program to simulate a train moving on tracks
  14. Write a program to draw koch curve.
  15. Write a program to create a fractal tree
  16. Write a program to create a fern leaf
  17. Write a program to demonstrate Sierpinski Triangle
  18. Write a program to rotate a kite/hut/boat about a given point.
  19. Write a program to represent a cube/pyramid in OpenGL
  20. Write a program to perform transformations on a cube/pyramid in OpenGL
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