Extract real time meta-data and GPS tracks from Sony XAVC video
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Node Exif5183741072 years ago11February 02, 201643otherJavaScript
A node.js library to extract Exif metadata from images.
Exiftool Vendored.js3262329a month ago203November 08, 2022mitTypeScript
Fast, cross-platform Node.js access to ExifTool
Imago Forensics144
4 years ago3August 23, 2018mitPython
Imago is a python tool that extract digital evidences from images.
2 months ago4gpl-3.0Python
Parse the gpmd stream for GOPRO moov track (MP4) and extract the GPS info into a GPX (and kml) file.
Predicting Transportation Modes Of Gps Trajectories24
3 years agoapache-2.0Python
Understanding transportation mode from GPS (Global Positioning System) traces is an essential topic in the data mobility domain. In this paper, a framework is proposed to predict transportation modes. This framework follows a sequence of five steps: (i) data preparation, where GPS points are grouped in trajectory samples; (ii) point features generation; (iii) trajectory features extraction; (iv) noise removal; (v) normalization. We show that the extraction of the new point features: bearing rate, the rate of rate of change of the bearing rate and the global and local trajectory features, like medians and percentiles enables many classifiers to achieve high accuracy (96.5%) and f1 (96.3%) scores. We also show that the noise removal task affects the performance of all the models tested. Finally, the empirical tests where we compare this work against state-of-art transportation mode prediction strategies show that our framework is competitive and outperforms most of them.
2 years ago4September 07, 202110gpl-3.0C
extract TEC, vTEC, Earthmagnetic field and Rotation Measures from GPS and WMM data for radio interferometry observations
2 years ago5Python
Extract real time meta-data and GPS tracks from Sony XAVC video
20 days ago6November 02, 20201gpl-3.0PHP
A PHP library for extract the metadata (EXIF, XMP, GPS...) within a PNG format image.
3 years ago3October 12, 20181apache-2.0Python
Extract GPS and Acceleration data from BlackVue MP4 recordings.
2 months agomitPython
Extract EXIF to pandas / SQL / Excel / Feather
Alternatives To Xavc_rtmd2srt
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XAVC S video real-time meta-data parser and GPS data extractor

Extract realtime meta-data (i.e. per-frame) from Sony XAVC video and render to srt subtitle file.

Extract GPS data (if video shot on GPS or Bluetooth-link enabled Sony camera) and extract to GPX file.

New! Extract raw per-frame gyro/accelerometer data from video clips recorded with DSC-RX100M7 and DSC-RX0M2 cameras

alt text

Besides of non-realtime metadata which MediaInfo or Exiftool can see, Sony cameras record many other real-time meta-data for every frame such as it's ISO, F number, shutter speed, AE mode and even focus distance in special Acquisition Meta-data section.

Looks like this feature partially inherited by XAVC S from professional Sony XAVC codec and MXF container.

This tool tries to extract this meta-data from XAVC S (MP4) file and create SRT subtitle file near the video file. When opened in VLC or whatever, it can be viewed and you can see the settings of camera for every frame of video in real time.

alt text

If video file has embedded GPS data (for example, Sony Action Cam record with built-in GPS or ILCE/RX with Bluetooth GPS link option used) you can extract GPS track to GPX. You may use it with GPS visualization apps/services to see your travel or with dashboard-overlay video editors to have nice gauges in your videos.

Meta-data supported:

  • ISO (N/A for most of camcorders and older ILCE/RX cameras)
  • Gain (dB)
  • Aperture value (F-number)
  • Shutter speed
  • Focusing distance: at what distance lens focused (for ILCE models, FDR-AX700; N/A for DSC-RX models)
  • Focusing mode (Manual, Autofocus)
  • Exposure mode (Auto/A/S/M)
  • Capture Gamma / ColorSpace (looks like it is fixed on first frame; meta-data not changed if Picture Profile changed on camera during recording)
  • recording date and time in YYYY/MM/DD HH/MM/SS format as it is set in camera settings (output disabled yet)
  • timecode (N/A for models w/o timecode fieature; output not implemented yet)
  • GPS coords, timestamp, elevation, DOP, GPSFix, [speed, heading] (if available)
  • raw gyro/accelerometer sensors data recorded into videos by new Sony Camera models (DSC-RX100M7 & DSC-RX0M2) to separate tables

Meta-data not supported (as no any existing consumer camera models record it):

  • lens focal length, zoom position
  • detailed autofocus method (spot/zone/multi e.t.c.)
  • white balance value in Kelvin (probably this tag recorded in RAW-cabable video/cinema cameras, e.g. CineAlta)
  • sensor readout mode and parameters (x,y resolution, dynamic range)
  • built-in camera/lens color/ND filters value
  • gamma curve/knee formulas/coefficients (as these are also important for very pro video/cinema cameras)

Windows x64 executable available (see zip file in files list). Usage: as any console app, accepts 1 required argument (full video file path or just file name if in the same folder) Example: rtmd2srt.exe D:\Video\C0035.MP4

Optional arguments:

  • -sidecar - extract embedded XML non-realtime metadata (similar to XML sidecar recorded by camera)
  • -muxmkv - create new MKV file with embedded subtitles stream with meta-data (requires ffmpeg.exe to be in same folder)
  • -gpx - extract per-frame GPS meta-data and export to GPX file (track: latitude, longtitude, timestamp, speed, DOP, gps_fix(2d/3d), course)
  • -check - display basic file check info. Camera model, fps, framecount, if GPS meta-data embedded
  • NEW! -sens - extract raw gyro/accelerometer data from videos recorded with new sony camera models (DSC-RX100M7 & DSC-RX0M2)

Note: Works well with Sony ILCE-9/7RM3/7M3, DSC-RX10M4, FDR-AX700, ILCE-6000, ILCE-5100 videos. GPS export works well with DashWare editor

Written in: Python 3.7 Required modules:

  • gpxpy (please replace the gpxpy file from original gpxpy package with included one)
  • bitstring
  • argparse

Reference: EBU - Tech 3349 EBU Acquisition Technical Metadata Set

Appendix (pg.70) of Sony CineAlta F65 manual

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