Btp Ai Sustainability Bootcamp

This github repository contains the sample code and exercises of btp-ai-sustainability-bootcamp, which showcases how to build Intelligence and Sustainability into Your Solutions on SAP Business Technology Platform with SAP AI Core and SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning.
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Building Intelligent Scenarios and Sustainability on SAP BTP with SAP AI Core and SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning

Overview and Motivation

Sustainability is a hot topic for us all today, and for CEOs profitability is no longer the sole goal of a business, as they also have to carefully consider sustainability goals and take our Planet and People into consideration.

At SAP, we are not only acting now on sustainability with goals of zero emissions, zero waste, and zero inequality by 2030, but also having a vision to enable every enterprise to become an intelligent, networked, sustainable enterprise with our technologies and solutions.

SAPs Business Technology Platform provides the foundation of application development, integration, data and AI. On top of this technology platform, SAP has created a new sustainability portfolio to help the enterprise drive sustainable practices inside its organization and across its entire value chain, such as SAP Product Footprint Management, SAP Responsible Design and Production and SAP Sustainability Control Tower etc.

We also would like our SAP Partners to create industry cloud solutions for end-to-end industry-specific business processes that consider sustainability dimensions. Therefore, we have developed this AI&Sustainability Bootcamp to inspire and enable our partners to build intelligent scenarios and sustainability on BTP with AI and Planning. Please read more in our blog series about this topic.

Profitability and sustainability are two sides of a coin for an intelligent, networked, and sustainable enterprise. To achieve the ultimate goals of making profitability sustainable, and sustainability profitable, organizations need to embed sustainability goals into strategy planning and business operations. Importantly, Artificial Intelligence plays a critical role in this journey by helping businesses to be more efficient and intelligent. AI(Artificial Intelligence) and Sustainability are the very frontier of frontiers in today's digital technologies, where count for enormous opportunities in various industries.

In agriculture, AI can transform agricultural production by better monitoring and managing environmental conditions, and higher crop/livestock yields. For example, Drone can fly over and film the field, and Computer Vision Algorithm can be applied for Automated Pest & Disease Diagnosis of crops etc. Another example in grape field, IoT sensors are used to monitor the light, wind, humility and temperature etc environmental factors, while AI algorithms come in to help with prediction on when to water, fertilize and harvest.

In manufacturing, AI can help factories by improving production efficiency, and reducing waste, energy consumption and Green House Gas Emissions. Such as automatic defect detection for production with computer vision and equipment sound-based predictive maintenance...


This github repository includes the sample code and exercises of the btp-ai-core-bootcamp, which is developed and delivered by Partner Ecosystem Success Organization (formerly known as GPO) of SAP SE, showcasing SAP partners how to add Intelligence and Sustainability into your industry cloud solutions on SAP Business Technology Platform with SAP AI Core/SAP Launchpad and SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning. The bootcamp uses an end-to-end storyline about a Sustainable Smart Factory filled with Intelligence and Sustainability

  • Building a deep learning Image Segmentation Model on product images with SAP AI Core for automatic Defeat Detection in production lines
  • Building a deep learning Sound Anomaly Classification Model on acoustical sounds of machinery with SAP AI Core for condition monitoring based Predictive Maintenance
  • Configure and Deploy the sustainable-smart-factory-app(CAP based) to your own SAP HANA Cloud
  • Creating a Plant 360 story to analyze Production and Sustainability KPIs of plantsuch as production, defective rate, energy consumption and CO2emission etc SAP Analytics Cloud.
  • Maintenance Cost Planning with Predictive Planning of SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning.
  • Sustainability Planning and Energy Rate Prediction with Predictive Planning of SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning.

Target Audience

The bootcamp showcases an end-to-end process of building intelligence and sustainability scenarios on SAP BTP with AI and Planning, which involve several personas as below, also as a reflection of real-life to build an industry cloud solution of Intelligence and Sustainability.

  • Data Scientist or Machine Learning Engineer, who are responsible for building, training and serving AI Models as APIs.
  • Application Developer, who is in charge of creating a cloud-based application which will extend the backend ERP with industry-related business process in a side-by-side manner, record and collect the sustainability data in daily business process, and inference the AI Models APIs.
  • Enterprise Planning Consultant or Analytics Consultant, who can help to make sense of the sustainability KPIs along with business KPIs for corporate performance management, and assure the planning and execution of sustainability goals.

Solution Architecture

Solution Architecture

  • SAP AI Core and SAP AI Launchpad:
    Streamline the execution and operations of Deep Learning Models in a standardized, scalable, and hyperscaler-agnostic way

  • Sustainable Smart Factory Application:
    A CAP-based application on BTP glues all the pieces together by inferencing the AI models with IoT streaming data(product images from camera, machinery sound collected by the microphones), and recording data of plant daily operation and sustainability KPIs, extending Maintenance Management of SAP S/4HANA Cloud with Predictive Maintenance

    • Auto. Defect Detection
      -Quality records via computer vision
    • Sound-based Predictive Maintenance
      -Historical conditions of plant and equipment, and sound anomalies
      -Integration with Maintenance Management of SAP S/4HANA Cloud
  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud

    • Central Master Data for Products and Equipments
    • Maintenance Management
  • SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning

    • Plant 360 story
    • Maintenance Cost Planning
    • Sustainability Planning and Energy Rate Prediction


Bagnoli Co. is a manufacturer of Light Guide Plates (LGP) used in LED panels since 2008, based in Milan, Italy. The company has design and manufacturing of LGP, adopted SAP S/4HANA Cloud as digital business platform since 2020. The Bagnoli brothers have a vision to become an sustainable smart LGP manufacturer by reducing waste and improving production efficiency and workplace safety. In 2021, An SAP gold partner has been hired to implement their vision with SAP Business Technology Platform. SAP AI Core has been proposed to optimize these business process efficiency in quality inspection with computer vision, and sound anomaly detection based predictive maintenance in which sustainability key figures are recorded during plant daily operation such as energy consumption and CO2 emission. And SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning is also suggested to provide insights of production and sustainability KPI to plant manager, also used for Planning of Maintenance Cost and Sustainability. And a CAP-based Sustainable Smart Factory Application is also created for end users to glue different components for extending SAP S/4HANA Cloud in Quality Inspection and Maintenance Management with intelligence and sustainability.

  • LGP Product
    Light Guide Plates (LGP) is used in LED panels, which can transform a line light source into a surface light source, widely applied in liquid crystal display screens such as computer monitors, car navigators, and PADs. LGP Product
  • Factory Layout LGP Factory Layout
  • 2020 before implementing sustainable-smart-factory-app
  • 2021 after implementing sustainable-smart-factory-app

Final Outcomes

Sustainable Smart Factory App

Sustainable Smart Factory App

Auto. Defect Detection

Auto. Defect Detection

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Plant 360

Predictive Maintenance

Maintenance Cost & Sustainability Planning

Maintenance Cost & Sustainability Planning


Software Requirements

System access below for exercises will be provided in bootcamp by SAP. Therefore, no action required for the bootcamp participants.

  • SAP AI Core
  • SAP AI Launch Pad
  • SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning
  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud

Other Requirements


Please follow this manual to perform the excises, which allows you to replicate the end-to-end Sustainable Smart Factory solution on your own SAP BTP account as described in above.

More Materials

Blog post series of Building AI and Sustainability Solutions on SAP BTP

Demo videos recorded by SAP HANA Academy

We have closely worked with SAP HANA Academy Team for more deep dive content about AI&Sustainability based on the bootcamp storyline. If you would like to learn more, please visit this following YouTube video playlists prepared by SAP HANA Academy Team

Useful links for SAP AI Core and SAP AI Launchpad

Useful links for SAP Analytics Cloud

Useful links for SAP Cloud for Sustainable Enterprise

Other useful links

Download and Installation

Exercise manuals are available here if you would like to replicate the solution on your own BTP account.

Known Issues

IoT Gateway part is out of the scope in this sample. However, in a real-life project, IoT Gateway is required for IoT sensor data streaming and ingestion.

How to obtain support

Create an issue in this repository if you find a bug or have questions about the content.

For additional support, ask a question in SAP Community.


If you wish to contribute code, offer fixes or improvements, please send a pull request. Due to legal reasons, contributors will be asked to accept a DCO when they create the first pull request to this project. This happens in an automated fashion during the submission process. SAP uses the standard DCO text of the Linux Foundation.


Copyright (c) 2022 SAP SE or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. This project is licensed under the Apache Software License, version 2.0 except as noted otherwise in the LICENSE file.

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