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PicView is a fast Picture Viewer with compact UI, that can be hidden. Features image effects, galleries, light & dark theme, image info and more. The app can automatically adjusts itself to your screen.

Downloads shield GPL v3 License Windows OS


Latest releases at




Chinese by Crystal-RainSlide
Spanish by lk.KEVIN
Korean by VenusGirl
German by Brotbox
English and Danish by me

Looking for translators! If you want to help translate another language or improve a current one and be listed here, please take a look at


Visual Studio 2019 .Net Codacy Badge

Pull requests are welcome. Check current issues and asign yourself or create your own issue.

Improvements to the current code or bug fixes are also welcome!

Built with the latest SDK of .NET and Visual Studio


For a full list of features, check my website at

Upcoming features

Take a look at

Chose between 27 image effects. Change slider value to adjust intensity. Save effects to image by copying it, saving it or setting it as wallpaper. Effect will be applied when changing images.

Press the Optimize Image button to losslessly compress image
Click stars to set EXIF rating
Edit textbox values to rename or move current file

If you have 7-Zip or WinRAR installed, you can view images inside archives, such as .zip, .rar, etc, and comic book archives (.cbr, .cb7, .cbt, .cbz, .cba).

  • Quick startup time and built-in preloader to instantly view next image
  • For images with a transparent background, the background can be changed to a checkerboard background, a dark background or a white background by pressing T.
  • Interface can be toggled to just show the image by pressing Alt + Z.
  • Image EXIF rating
  • Preview between 27 different image filters that will be applied when copying image or setting it as wallpaper or saving file locally
  • Image Galleries
  • Sort files by: name, file size, date created, last accessed, latest edit, file extension and randomized
  • hover buttons and the colored window border can be toggled on/off in the settings window.
  • Basic editing: rotate, flip, crop, change file type
  • Drag & drop/paste from clipholder support for files, folders, URLs and archives
  • Scroll function (built with manga/comics in mind)
  • Open file in external application, show it in folder or view file properties
  • Color picker

Rename or move files in the titlebar by pressing F2 or right clicking it

File support

.jpg .jpeg .jpe .png .bmp .tif .tiff .gif .ico .jfif .webp .svgz .jxl
.psd .psb .xcf .svg .heic .tga .dds
.3fr .arw .cr2 .crw .dcr .dng .erf .kdc .mdc .mef .mos .mrw .nef .nrw .orf .pef .raf .raw .rw2 .srf .x3f *
.pgm .hdr .cut .exr .dib .emf .wmf .wpg .pcx .xbm .xpm .wbmp *

* RAW camera formats may be slower to load


If you wish to thank me for my work, please


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