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Adds a way to write php in PhpStorm/IDEA and run it directly as if through laravel artisan tinker - allowing you to quickly run a piece of code with all your Laravel classes - with the added benefit of having your IDE's autocompletion, code colors and error inspections.

Find all actions under Tools -> Laravel Tinker or use the default shortcut ctrl + Shift + T to let tinker smartly guess what you want to do (opening/running/etc.).

  • GitHub Issues: feature requests and bug reports
  • Patreon: Consider supporting this project if it helped you
  • Plugin Page: Get the plugin for PHPStorm (or IDEA if that's your style)



I do not have a lot of experience with Kotlin, so I kind of tinkered () this together. Any tips or feedback is welcome in the Issues Tab - or better, make me a PR!

Want to be part of this plugin? Every positive contribution to this project is welcome!

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