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Learning PHP, MySQL & JavaScript (with PHP 8, MySQL 8, PDO, and React) 6th Edition

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As of 2022 I no-longer recommend the AMPPS web server stack. Firstly, version 4.0 on Windows is supposed to be stable but I have found numerous issues on a number of different PCs and believe it is still not ready for full release. Furthermore, although the installer is reduced in size, you now have to install all the features you need yourself, and this can be a confusing matter. Also, I have been unable to make AMPPS work on recent MacOS computers.

Therefore I now recommend MAMP for both Windows and MacOS. It is quick and easy to install and works well. You should be able to set it up without too much trouble, and future editions of the book will include a walk-through to make it even easier.

Using the Example Files

All the files are in the folders named 03 through 29 of this archive, according to the chapters from which they are taken. You will need a web server installed (such as MAMP) to run many of the examples - Chapter 2 details how to install Ampps, but see above as this is now considered out of date.

Please note that Mac and Linux users should scroll a little down the Download page at the AMPPS website to find the Old Versions section for your download files.

As well as being saved in their chapter number folder, the Robin's Nest example files are also in the folder robinsnest, so that you can copy the folder to a web server to try for yourself. Please read the final chapter for details on setting up the database etc. All the other information you need to run, understand and modify these examples can be found in the book.

For the latest news on this book, including any errata that have been discovered since its publication (and any updates to these files), please visit the O'Reilly page.

To read the examples as you work through the book you can view them here in a folder structure matching the chapters in the book.

Once you have a web server set up, copy the entire structure of folders and subfolders into your document root directory by downloading and extracting from this repo, and you'll easily be able to navigate through all the examples by typing localhost into your web browser.

Note: The robinsnest folder link will issue errors when clicked unless you have previously created both a MySQL user and database called robinsnest, and run the setup.php program in this folder, as outlined in Chapter 29.

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