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あなたも変態。 いいね?

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nHentai is a CLI tool for downloading doujinshi from

=================== Manual Installation

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git clone
cd nhentai
python install

================== Installation (pip)

Alternatively, install from PyPI with pip:

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       pip install nhentai

For a self-contained installation, use Pipx <>_:

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       pipx install nhentai

===================== Installation (Gentoo)

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layman -fa glicOne
sudo emerge net-misc/nhentai

===== Usage

IMPORTANT: To bypass the nhentai frequency limit, you should use --cookie option to store your cookie.

The default download folder will be the path where you run the command (CLI path).

Set your nhentai cookie against captcha:

.. code-block:: bash

nhentai --cookie "YOUR COOKIE FROM"

NOTE: The format of the cookie is "csrftoken=TOKEN; sessionid=ID"

| To get csrftoken and sessionid, first login to your nhentai account in web browser, then: | (Chrome) |ve| |ld| More tools |ld| Developer tools |ld| Application |ld| Storage |ld| Cookies |ld| | (Firefox) |hv| |ld| Web Developer |ld| Web Developer Tools |ld| Storage |ld| Cookies |ld| |

.. |hv| unicode:: U+2630 .. .. |ve| unicode:: U+22EE .. .. |ld| unicode:: U+2014 ..

Download specified doujinshi:

.. code-block:: bash

nhentai --id=123855,123866

Download doujinshi with ids specified in a file (doujinshi ids split by line):

.. code-block:: bash

nhentai --file=doujinshi.txt

Set search default language

.. code-block:: bash

nhentai --language=english

Search a keyword and download the first page:

.. code-block:: bash

nhentai --search="tomori" --page=1 --download
# you also can download by tags and multiple keywords
nhentai --search="tag:lolicon, artist:henreader, tag:full color"
nhentai --search="lolicon, henreader, full color"

Download your favorites with delay:

.. code-block:: bash

nhentai --favorites --download --delay 1

Format output doujinshi folder name:

.. code-block:: bash

nhentai --id 261100 --format '[%i]%s'

Supported doujinshi folder formatter:

  • %i: Doujinshi id
  • %t: Doujinshi name
  • %s: Doujinshi subtitle (translated name)
  • %a: Doujinshi authors' name

Other options:

.. code-block::

  # Operation options
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -D, --download        download doujinshi (for search results)
  -S, --show            just show the doujinshi information

  # Doujinshi options
  --id=ID               doujinshi ids set, e.g. 1,2,3
  -s KEYWORD, --search=KEYWORD
                        search doujinshi by keyword
  --tag=TAG             download doujinshi by tag
  -F, --favorites       list or download your favorites.

  # Multi-page options
  --page=PAGE           page number of search results
  --max-page=MAX_PAGE   The max page when recursive download tagged doujinshi

  # Download options
  -o OUTPUT_DIR, --output=OUTPUT_DIR
                        output dir
  -t THREADS, --threads=THREADS
                        thread count for downloading doujinshi
  -T TIMEOUT, --timeout=TIMEOUT
                        timeout for downloading doujinshi
  -d DELAY, --delay=DELAY
                        slow down between downloading every doujinshi
  -p PROXY, --proxy=PROXY
                        uses a proxy, for example:
  -f FILE, --file=FILE  read gallery IDs from file.
  --format=NAME_FORMAT  format the saved folder name

  # Generating options
  --html                generate a html viewer at current directory
  --no-html             don't generate HTML after downloading
  --gen-main            generate a main viewer contain all the doujin in the folder
  -C, --cbz             generate Comic Book CBZ File
  -P --pdf              generate PDF file
  --rm-origin-dir       remove downloaded doujinshi dir when generated CBZ
                        or PDF file.

  # nHentai options
  --cookie=COOKIE       set cookie of nhentai to bypass Google recaptcha

============== nHentai Mirror

If you want to use a mirror, you should set up a reverse proxy of and For example:

.. code-block:: -> ->

Set NHENTAI env var to your nhentai mirror.

.. code-block:: bash

NHENTAI= nhentai --id 123456

.. image:: ./images/search.png?raw=true :alt: nhentai :align: center .. image:: ./images/download.png?raw=true :alt: nhentai :align: center .. image:: ./images/viewer.png?raw=true :alt: nhentai :align: center

============ あなたも変態

.. image:: ./images/image.jpg?raw=true :alt: nhentai :align: center

.. |travis| image:: :target:

.. |pypi| image:: :target:

.. |license| image:: :target:

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