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23 days ago79lgpl-3.0JavaScript
A cross-platform server and client application for managing and reading manga and doujinshi
13 days ago43May 02, 20222mitPython
nhentai doujinshi downloader
6 days ago103Lua
An easy-to-use manga and dōjinshi downloader supporting 800+ different websites
3 years ago2February 19, 201742otherPython
A cross platform manga/doujinshi manager with namespace & tag support
7 months ago10mitTypeScript
A browser extension to download doujinshi from NHentai
2 years agomitShell
A Multivendor doujin grabber using Bash magic: 0 API, 0 dependencies (formerly thru one-liner) supported several site.
Hentai Downloader50
17 days ago7mitJavaScript
ExHentai exhentai.org, e-hentai.org images gallery download to folder.
2 years ago9lgpl-3.0Python
Plugins for HappyPanda X
2021 11 15 Nhentai To Pdf8
7 months agoPython
downloads hentai from nhentai.net and converts to PDF
a year agomitRuby
Doujinshi downloader in Ruby
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nhentai is a CLI tool for downloading doujinshi from nhentai.net

Manual Installation

From Github:

git clone https://github.com/RicterZ/nhentai
cd nhentai
python setup.py install

Build Docker container:

git clone https://github.com/RicterZ/nhentai
cd nhentai
docker build -t nhentai:latest .
docker run --rm -it -v ~/Downloads/doujinshi:/output -v ~/.nhentai/:/root/.nhentai nhentai --id 123855


From PyPI with pip:

pip install nhentai

For a self-contained installation, use pipx:

pipx install nhentai

Pull from Dockerhub:

docker pull ricterz/nhentai
docker run --rm -it -v ~/Downloads/doujinshi:/output -v ~/.nhentai/:/root/.nhentai ricterz/nhentai --id 123855

On Gentoo Linux:

layman -fa glicOne
sudo emerge net-misc/nhentai

On NixOS:

nix-env -iA nixos.nhentai


IMPORTANT: To bypass the nhentai frequency limit, you should use --cookie and --useragent options to store your cookie and your user-agent.

nhentai --useragent "USER AGENT of YOUR BROWSER"
nhentai --cookie "YOUR COOKIE FROM nhentai.net"


  • The format of the cookie is "csrftoken=TOKEN; sessionid=ID; cf_clearance=CLOUDFLARE"
  • cf_clearance cookie and useragent must be set if you encounter "blocked by cloudflare captcha" error. Make sure you use the same IP and useragent as when you got it
To get csrftoken and sessionid, first login to your nhentai account in web browser, then:
(Chrome) ⋮ — More tools — Developer tools — Application — Storage — Cookies — https://nhentai.net
(Firefox) ☰ — Web Developer — Web Developer Tools — Storage — Cookies — https://nhentai.net


The default download folder will be the path where you run the command (%cd% or $PWD).

Download specified doujinshi:

nhentai --id 123855 123866 123877

Download doujinshi with ids specified in a file (doujinshi ids split by line):

nhentai --file=doujinshi.txt

Set search default language

nhentai --language=english

Search a keyword and download the first page:

nhentai --search="tomori" --page=1 --download
# you also can download by tags and multiple keywords
nhentai --search="tag:lolicon, artist:henreader, tag:full color"
nhentai --search="lolicon, henreader, full color"

Download your favorites with delay:

nhentai --favorites --download --delay 1

Format output doujinshi folder name:

nhentai --id 261100 --format '[%i]%s'

Supported doujinshi folder formatter:

  • %i: Doujinshi id
  • %t: Doujinshi name
  • %s: Doujinshi subtitle (translated name)
  • %a: Doujinshi authors' name
  • %g: Doujinshi groups name
  • %p: Doujinshi pretty name
  • %ag: Doujinshi authors name or groups name

Other options:

  nhentai --search [keyword] --download
  NHENTAI=https://nhentai-mirror-url/ nhentai --id [ID ...]
  nhentai --file [filename]

Environment Variable:
  NHENTAI                 nhentai mirror url

  # Operation options, control the program behaviors
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -D, --download        download doujinshi (for search results)
  -S, --show            just show the doujinshi information

  # Doujinshi options, specify id, keyword, etc.
  --id                  doujinshi ids set, e.g. 167680 167681 167682
  -s KEYWORD, --search=KEYWORD
                        search doujinshi by keyword
  -F, --favorites       list or download your favorites

  # Page options, control the page to fetch / download
  --page-all            all search results
  --page=PAGE, --page-range=PAGE
                        page number of search results. e.g. 1,2-5,14
  --sorting=SORTING     sorting of doujinshi (recent / popular /

  # Download options, the output directory, threads, timeout, delay, etc.
  -o OUTPUT_DIR, --output=OUTPUT_DIR
                        output dir
  -t THREADS, --threads=THREADS
                        thread count for downloading doujinshi
  -T TIMEOUT, --timeout=TIMEOUT
                        timeout for downloading doujinshi
  -d DELAY, --delay=DELAY
                        slow down between downloading every doujinshi
  --proxy=PROXY         store a proxy, for example: -p ""
  -f FILE, --file=FILE  read gallery IDs from file.
  --format=NAME_FORMAT  format the saved folder name
  --dry-run             Dry run, skip file download

  # Generate options, for generate html viewer, cbz file, pdf file, etc
  --html                generate a html viewer at current directory
  --no-html             don't generate HTML after downloading
  --gen-main            generate a main viewer contain all the doujin in the
  -C, --cbz             generate Comic Book CBZ File
  -P, --pdf             generate PDF file
  --rm-origin-dir       remove downloaded doujinshi dir when generated CBZ or
                        PDF file
  --meta                generate a metadata file in doujinshi format
  --regenerate-cbz      regenerate the cbz file if exists

  # nhentai options, set cookie, user-agent, language, remove caches, histories, etc
  --cookie=COOKIE       set cookie of nhentai to bypass Cloudflare captcha
  --useragent=USERAGENT, --user-agent=USERAGENT
                        set useragent to bypass Cloudflare captcha
  --language=LANGUAGE   set default language to parse doujinshis
  --clean-language      set DEFAULT as language to parse doujinshis
                        save downloaded doujinshis, whose will be skipped if
                        you re-download them
                        clean download history
                        set viewer template
  --legacy              use legacy searching method

nHentai Mirror

If you want to use a mirror, you should set up a reverse proxy of nhentai.net and i.nhentai.net. For example:

i.h.loli.club -> i.nhentai.net
h.loli.club -> nhentai.net

Set NHENTAI env var to your nhentai mirror.

NHENTAI=https://h.loli.club nhentai --id 123456
nhentai nhentai nhentai
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