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Twitter-like web application using Blazor 3.0.0-preview7. You can login, post a new message (a "toss") with hashtag and select your favorite hashtags for finding messages.

Tech stack

  • Blazor 3.0.0-preview7
  • Pure CSS
  • Core 3.0.0-preview7
  • MediatR
  • RavenDB

Feature list

  • Security pages : auth/open id, edit account, reset password
  • Push new messages
  • Filter message by hashtag
  • Add hashtag to your profile
  • Create sponsored (payinng) toss
  • See most used tags
  • See user message
  • start private conversation with message author (in progress)
  • report message as not respecting code of conduct (in progress)
  • user personnal home page with all favorite tags (in progress)

Running this project

// install sdk version from global.json here
git clone
dotnet build
docker-compose up -d ravendb
//Edit Toss.Server secrets with your values using the empty-secrets.json provided
cd Toss.Server
dotnet run

You can find explanation of the different things done on this project on my blog here :

The current roadmap is here

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