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Audio Player

Version License: AGPLv3    Bitcoin PayPal

A music player for FLAC, MP3, MP4, AIF, streams, … with playlist support and SONOS integration.



  • Cover or List view by various categories
  • tuned for big audio collections
  • Smart lists & playlists
  • Stream URLs
  • Favorites, Search & Collaborative Tag integration
  • Specifying media folder (with exclude functionality)
  • Hardware media keys & Chrome/Android/macOS integration
  • SONOS player via add-on
  • Use the Recognize app to classify genres by machine learning

Supported Formats

FLAC, MP3, MP4, Ogg Vorbis, Opus, AIF, AAC and Waveform Audio as well as M3U and PLS playlist files. Playing the formats supported by Audio Player depends on the browser. More information…

Supported Browsers

Latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari. Mobile browsers and Microsoft Edge may be restricted in functionality and handling. Microsoft Internet Explorer is not supported.


English (en), Czech (cs), German (Informal) (de), German (Formal) (de_DE), Polish (pl), Russian (ru), Turkish (tr), Ukrainian (uk), Chinese (Simplified) (zh_CN), Chinese (Traditional) (zh_TW), French (fr), Spain (es)




  • ID3 editor – ID3 editor for the Audio Player
  • SONOS – SONOS Playback for the Audio Player


  • Eventdispatcher 'OCA\audioplayer::loadAdditionalScripts'
  • Sidebar Tabs: OCA.Audioplayer.Sidebar.registerSidebarTab



Thank you to PhpStorm from JetBrains

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